Course Equivalency Guide for Indiana Tech

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Course Name at Indiana Tech Course Name at StraighterLine Credits Transferred
Accounting ElectiveFinancial Accounting - ACC1513
Accounting Principles - ACC 1010Accounting I - ACC1013
American Government - SS 1110American Government - POLS1013
Basic Algebra - MA 1010Introductory Algebra - MAT0993
Business ElectiveBusiness Statistics - MAT1503
Business Ethics - BA 3200Business Ethics - BUS1063
Calculus I - MA 1200General Calculus I - MAT2504
Calculus II - MA 1210General Calculus II - MAT2514
College Algebra - MAT 1035College Algebra - MAT1013
College Study Skills - IT 1050Student Success - SUCCESS1011
Conversational Spanish I - SPAN 1100Spanish I - SPAN1013
Conversational Spanish II - SPAN 1200Spanish II - SPAN1023
Early United States History - SS 2430United States History I - USHIST1013
English Composition I - ENGL 1250English Composition I - ENG1013
English Composition II - ENGL 1270English Composition II - ENG1023
First Aid/CPR - APP ELFirst Aid/CPR - MED101 3
Foundations of Business - BA 1200Introduction to Business - BUS1013
Foundations of Business Communications - BA 2310Business Communication - BUS1053
Foundations of Communication - COMM 1250Introduction to Communication - COM1013
Foundations of Statistics - MA 2010Introduction to Statistics - MAT2023
General Chemistry and Lab I - CH 1220General Chemistry I - CHEM101
– AND –
General Chemistry I Lab - CHEM101L
General Physics I - PH 1300General Physics I - PHY2503
General Physics I Lab - PH 1310General Physics I Lab - PHY250L1
History of Modern America - SS 2440United States History II - USHIST1023
Human Anatomy and Physiology I - BIO 2710Anatomy & Physiology I - BIO2013
Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab - BIO 2720Anatomy & Physiology I Lab - BIO201L1
Human Anatomy and Physiology II - BIO 2730Anatomy & Physiology II - BIO2023
Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab - BIO 2740Anatomy & Physiology II Lab - BIO202L1
Humanities ElectiveIntroduction to Religion - REL1013
Introduction to Anthropology - SS2110Cultural Anthropology - ANTH1013
Introduction to College Writing - ENGL 1100Developmental Writing - ENG0993
Introduction to Nutrition  - APP ELIntroduction to Nutrition - NUTRI1013
Introduction to Philosophy - HUM 2370Introduction to Philosophy - PHIL1013
Introduction to Programming in C++ - IS 1300Introduction to Programming in C++ - CS1013
Introduction to Psychology - PSY 1700Introduction to Psychology - PSY1013
Introduction to Sociology - SS 2800Introduction to Sociology - SOC1013
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System - CJ 1100Introduction to Criminal Justice - CJ1013
Introductory Biology - BIO 1000Introduction to Biology - BIO1013
Macroeconomics - ECON 2200Macroeconomics - ECON1013
Managerial Accounting - ACC 2140Managerial Accounting - ACC1503
Managing in a Legal Environment - BA 2850Business Law - BUS1103
Medical Terminology  - HIT 1100Medical Terminology - MEDTERM1013
Microeconomics - ECON 2210Microeconomics - ECON1023
Natural Science ElectiveMicrobiology - BIO2503
Natural Science ElectiveIntroduction to Environmental Science - ENV1013
Organizational Behavior - BA 2700Organizational Behavior - BUS1203
Personal Finance - BA 2200Personal Finance - FIN1013
Personal Fitness & Wellness  - APP ELPersonal Fitness & Wellness - PE1013
Pharmacology I  - APP ELPharmacology - PHARM1033
Principles of Management - BA 2010Principles of Management - BUS2013
Social Sciences ElectiveWestern Civilization I - CIV1013
Social Sciences ElectiveWestern Civilization II - CIV1023

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