How Much Does It Cost?

To take courses with StraighterLine, students sign up for a membership and then purchase individual courses. The price of a Monthly Membership is $99, and courses start at $79. That means that the price for one course starts at just $178.

Your membership also includes:

Unlimited courses: Your Monthly Membership cost stays the same no matter how many courses you take. You can purchase an unlimited number of additional courses with your Monthly Membership.

No application fees: There are no admission requirements, transcript evaluation, or application fees, so you can get started right away. No long term commitment: You can start or stop your Monthly Membership at any time — and restart when you are ready.

Free one-on-one online tutoring: Includes writing center, scheduled or drop-in

Live support: Get the technical, membership, or course support you need from our dedicated Student Advisors.

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StraighterLine Can Be Your Answer to College Costs

Our courses have been reviewed and recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), meaning that we provide courses that are generally equivalent in quality to those offered at an accredited college.

By delivering these courses online, we eliminate many of the overhead costs traditional universities face, allowing us to deliver them much closer to their actual cost.

Our high quality courses can dramatically reduce the cost of your degree, and the time it takes to get it.

Membership Renewals and Cancellations

Once you’ve enrolled in a StraighterLine membership, it will automatically renew on a monthly basis. Each month, you will be charged the subscription rate of $99.

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you choose to cancel, you’ll receive an email confirming your cancellation. Regardless of when you choose to cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of that current billing cycle. At the end of the billing cycle, your membership will expire, and you’ll lose access to our courses.

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Membership FAQs

Why is StraighterLine so affordable?

StraighterLine offers fully online learning experiences without the institutional overhead of a college or university, which is why we are able to offer high-quality, self-paced courses at an affordable price.

Are there any application fees or admission requirements?

No. There are no admission requirements or application fees, so you can get started right away.

Can I cancel at any time?

There is no long-term commitment with StraighterLine. You can start or stop your Monthly Membership at any time and restart when you are ready.

What happens if I cancel my StraighterLine Membership without completing my course(s)?

If you cancel your membership before you’ve completed your courses, any course progress will be saved until you’re able to return. You can restart your membership at any time, without penalty, and pick up right where you left off in your courses.

Do I have access to my course(s) after I cancel my StraighterLine Membership?

If you cancel your membership, you retain access to your courses until your billing cycle ends. If you cancel before your next billing date, then you will have access until that date. For example, if you canceled on September 2nd and your next billing date is on the 17th, you will have 15 days of access to your courses before your account fully expires.

If you cancel on your billing date/at the end of a billing cycle, you will lose access to your courses at the time of membership cancellation.

Can I request a transcript if I do not have a StraighterLine Membership?

Yes, transcripts can be requested at any time and do not require an active membership.

Can I cancel my StraighterLine Membership before all my assignments are graded?

Yes. In the case where you completed your coursework, you may cancel your membership before your last assignment(s) are graded and a final grade is posted to your course.

If you need to resubmit the assignment based on feedback or do not successfully pass the course and wish to retake it, you will need to renew your membership to regain access to the course.

What features do I have access to without a StraighterLine Membership?

Without a membership, your access is restricted to your Student Dashboard, where you will be able to:


  • View and request transcripts
  • Access Help Center resources
  • View your past purchase history
  • Manage your Account Settings
  • Renew your StraighterLine Membership

You must have an active membership to purchase or access a course. Learn more about our Terms of Use here.

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