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StraighterLine solves the #1 issue facing students today – the skyrocketing cost of college – with high quality online courses that prepare students for success. StraighterLine combines a $99 a month course subscription with guaranteed credit pathways to accredited degree programs to save up to 60% on the total cost of a degree. More than 25,000 students got started with StraighterLine last year.

StraighterLine takes the worry out of transfer with a College Savings Network of over 150 accredited colleges that guarantee credit acceptance of StraighterLine courses.

Having also been evaluated and recommended by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT), StraighterLine courses will also be considered by more than 2,000 other colleges and universities for transfer to their degree programs upon request.

Our History

StraighterLine was founded in 2009 by Burck Smith as a solution to the rising costs of college education. Burck set out to discover why prices for online courses were the same or higher than those delivered face-to-face. Using relationships with colleges, publishers and policymakers that were forged in his 15 years of online higher education experience, Burck created StraighterLine, a way for students to get low-priced high quality college credit.

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StraighterLine created an innovative, new way for students to complete required college courses by building on the expertise of seasoned, respected, and proven educators and partners.

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