The Financial Impact of Completing Your Degree

Returning to school is a smart financial decision. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights the economic benefits of higher education: as educational attainment rises, so do earnings.


In 2022, individuals with a bachelor's degree earned a median weekly income of $1,432, significantly higher than the $853 earned by those with only a high school diploma.

Getting Back into the Swing of Education as an Adult

Are you an adult returning to school? Not sure where to start? These resources answer your questions and prepare you for the next step in your educational journey. They answer common questions that adults have when considering completing their degree.

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Bachelor’s Degrees 101: What You Need to Complete Your Degree

Completing your bachelor’s degree marks a significant step in your educational and professional journey. It’s about unlocking new career opportunities and enhancing your earning potential. Read through our resources and strategies to learn how to finish your degree quickly and affordably.

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Balancing Responsibilities While Completing Your Degree

Returning to school often means juggling academic commitments with work, family, and personal responsibilities. The challenges you face as an adult learner are unique, but they're not insurmountable.


Here are some strategies for managing your time effectively, staying motivated, and achieving your degree without compromising your current lifestyle.

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Financing Your Education as an Adult

Financing your education comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. From making college more affordable to leveraging employer tuition assistance, there are multiple ways to lower the costs of your education.


Let us guide you through the financial aspects of returning to school, as we offer practical advice to help you invest in your future without breaking the bank.

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Take the Next Step on the Path to Your College Degree

Download the guide and discover how online courses can help you earn credits more affordably and conveniently, bringing you closer to your degree

Staying on Track: Graduate on Time

Graduating on time is crucial to keep your tuition costs down and get into the workplace sooner.

Here, you can discover strategies to stay on course and transition smoothly into your professional life.

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How StraighterLine helps you save thousands on college tuition

StraighterLine offers high-quality, accredited online courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional college tuition. Our flexible and accessible courses allow you to earn college credits that are transferable to over 3,000 colleges and universities, paving the way for substantial savings on your educational journey.


  • 350,000+ students have taken StraighterLine courses.

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