English Composition II

English Composition II



English Composition II

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About this course.



English Composition II

English Composition II engages you in argumentation and research studies. Learn to identify, critically read, analyze and evaluate, and write arguments using logical and rhetorical techniques. English Composition II gives you the ability to construct claim-driven academic essays, synthesizing and incorporating researched sources and formal documentation. Throughout this online course, you will gain the ability to argue successfully in writing for an academic audience as well as how to employ effective tone, word choice, and sentence patterns.

ACE Approved 2022


After completing this course students will be able to:

Write a multiple-page essay and supportive documents that demonstrate critical thinking—including an 6-8-page research paper—that meets college-level standards for content, organization, style, grammar, mechanics, and format.

Write effective, sound, well-supported arguments using a variety of rhetorical techniques.

Manage the research and writing process effectively and show evidence of planning for research project methods and resource use.

Identify and respond effectively to a range of audiences in written feedback.

Formulate a thesis or central claim to anchor development of an argument appropriate to audience and purpose.

Identify valid issues for scholarly research.

Formulate a research question(s) that aids in exploration and analysis.

Use online research skills to locate and evaluate college-level research materials, as well as types of sources appropriate to research and writing.

Integrate appropriate outside sources into course assignments.

Use standard documentation* procedures in essays.

Recognize and avoid plagiarism.

Analyze readings for implied and direct meaning, and for tone, audience, and purpose.

Synthesize a variety of viewpoints to develop an argumentative stance.

Develop and analyze arguments using logic and other appropriate appeals.

Identify and avoid logical fallacies or flawed logic.

* This course uses the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for essay and research formatting.
1 Writing Assignment 1 - Rhetorical Analysis
  • Submit one essay of at least 3 pages that analyzes rhetorical techniques.
2 Writing Assignment 2 - Annotated Bibliography
  • Submit an annotated bibliography of 5 or more sources using a standard citation style
  • Each annotation should include an entry of at least 150 words to include a summary, assessment and reflection for a minimum of 4 pages.
3 Writing Assignment 3 - Research Proposal
  • Submit a 2-3 page polished and detailed proposal that plans for and develops an argument based on a synthesis of chosen scholarly texts.
4 Writing Assignment 4 - Research Outline
  • Submit a 2-3 page detailed outline assisting in the development and organization of an argument.
5 Writing Assignment 5 - Researched Argument Essay
  • Submit a researched argument essay of 6-8 pages using at least 6 sources, and which requires students to implement a research plan
  • Use a rhetorically effective method of organization
  • Formulate, develop, and support a claim using sound evidence, reasoning, and appropriate appeals
  • Incorporate alternate positions into a sustained argument.
6 Writing Assignment 6 - Research Story
  • Submit a reflective research story of at least 3 pages analyzing the research process in which students reflect on their learning experience as a follow-up assignment to the researched argument.

StraighterLine suggests, though does not require, that students take English Composition I or its equivalent before enrolling in English Composition II.

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StraighterLine provides a percentage score and letter grade for each course. A passing percentage is 70% or higher.

If you have chosen a Partner College to award credit for this course, your final grade will be based upon that college's grading scale. Only passing scores will be considered by Partner Colleges for an award of credit. There are a total of 1000 points in the course:

Introduction Graded Exercise: Academic Honesty Quiz 50
Getting Started Graded Exercise: Research Inquiry Survey 50
1 Writing Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis 150
2 Writing Assignment: Annotated Bibliography 150
3 Writing Assignment: Research Proposal 150
4 Writing Assignment: Research Outline 150
5 Writing Assignment: Researched Argument 200
6 Writing Assignment: Research Story 100
Total 1000

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