Course Equivalency Guide for Excelsior College

*Excelsior College accepts credits from Straighterline. Some degree programs have specialized accreditation requirements. Please check with your Excelsior College academic advisor for approval prior to registering for any course to ensure they are applicable to your specific degree program.
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You must achieve a 70% Minimum Grade to earn credit in the listed courses.

StraighterLine combines a $99/month membership with a guaranteed credit pathway to Excelsior College. Courses start at $59 and include the eTextbook at no additional cost.

Course Name at Excelsior College Course Name at StraighterLine Credits Transferred
Applied Professional CreditPharmacology - PHARM1033
Business ElectiveManagerial Accounting - ACC1503
Business ElectiveIntroduction to Business - BUS1013
College Algebra RequirementCollege Algebra - MAT1013
Composition II - ENG 102English Composition II - ENG1023
English Composition - ENG 101English Composition I - ENG1013
Financial Accounting CoreAccounting I - ACC1013
Health Sciences ElectivePersonal Fitness & Wellness - PE1013
History CourseWestern Civilization I - CIV1013
History CourseUnited States History I - USHIST1013
Humanities ElectivesBusiness Communication - BUS1053
Macroeconomics Core RequirementMacroeconomics - ECON1013
Managerial Accounting CoreAccounting II - ACC1023
Mathematics CourseBusiness Statistics - MAT1503
Mathematics CoursePrecalculus - MAT2013
Mathematics CourseGeneral Calculus I - MAT2503
Mathematics CourseGeneral Calculus II - MAT2513
Microeconomics Core RequirementMicroeconomics - ECON1023
Natural Sciences RequirementAnatomy & Physiology I - BIO2013
ScienceIntroduction to Biology - BIO1013
ScienceAnatomy & Physiology II - BIO2023
ScienceGeneral Chemistry I - CHEM1013
Science with LabAnatomy & Physiology I - BIO201
– AND –
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab - BIO201L
Science with LabAnatomy & Physiology II - BIO202
– AND –
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab - BIO202L
Science with LabIntroduction to Biology - BIO101
– AND –
Introduction to Biology Lab - BIO101L
Science with LabGeneral Chemistry I - CHEM101
– AND –
General Chemistry I Lab - CHEM101L
Social Science ElectiveWestern Civilization I - CIV1013
Social Science ElectiveIntroduction to Criminal Justice - CJ1013
Social Science ElectiveIntroduction to Psychology - PSY1013
Social Science ElectiveUnited States History I - USHIST1013
Statistics RequirementBusiness Statistics - MAT1503

Core Degree Requirements - Excelsior College does not accept outside coursework for transfer credit required for core degree requirements. Excelsior provides a listing of its core degree requirements in its degree program catalog provided on its website.

For the Excelsior College School of Nursing (SON), core degree requirements in Associate degree programs include Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Life Span Developmental Psychology and Sociology. For Excelsior College SON Bachelor’s degree programs, core degree requirements include Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics and Ethics; therefore, these courses are not accepted for transfer into the SON. 

In addition, the Excelsior College SON allows students to satisfy up to 25% of the general education degree requirements with StraighterLine courses. This means in Excelsior’s nursing programs, a maximum of 7 general education credits (2 courses) can apply to Associate degree plans and a maximum of 15 general education credits (approximately 5 courses) can apply to Bachelor’s degree plans.

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