Course Equivalency Guide for SUNY Empire State College

Find the general education credits that will transfer into your SUNY Empire State College degree.

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Course Name at SUNY Empire State College Course Name at StraighterLine Credits Transferred
American HistoryAmerican Government - POLS1013
American HistoryUnited States History I - USHIST1013
American HistoryUnited States History II - USHIST1023
Basic CommunicationBusiness Communication - BUS1053
Basic CommunicationIntroduction to Communication - COM1013
Basic CommunicationDevelopmental Writing - ENG0990
Basic CommunicationEnglish Composition I - ENG1013
Basic CommunicationEnglish Composition II - ENG1023
ElectiveAccounting I - ACC1013
ElectiveAccounting II - ACC1023
ElectiveManagerial Accounting - ACC1503
ElectiveFinancial Accounting - ACC1513
ElectiveIntroduction to Business - BUS1013
ElectiveBusiness Ethics - BUS1063
ElectiveBusiness Law - BUS1103
ElectiveOrganizational Behavior - BUS1203
ElectivePrinciples of Management - BUS2013
ElectiveIntroduction to Criminal Justice - CJ1013
ElectiveIntroduction to Programming in C++ - CS1013
ElectiveMacroeconomics - ECON1013
ElectiveMicroeconomics - ECON1023
ElectivePersonal Finance - FIN1013
ElectiveFirst Aid/CPR - MED101 2
ElectiveMedical Terminology - MEDTERM1013
ElectivePersonal Fitness & Wellness - PE1013
ElectiveIntroduction to Philosophy - PHIL1013
ElectiveStudent Success - SUCCESS1013
Foreign LanguageSpanish I - SPAN1014
Foreign LanguageSpanish II - SPAN1024
HumanitiesIntroduction to Religion - REL1013
MathematicsIntroductory Algebra - MAT0990
MathematicsCollege Algebra - MAT1013
MathematicsBusiness Statistics - MAT1503
MathematicsPrecalculus - MAT2013
MathematicsIntroduction to Statistics - MAT2023
MathematicsGeneral Calculus I - MAT2503
MathematicsGeneral Calculus II - MAT2513
Natural SciencesIntroduction to Biology - BIO1013
Natural SciencesAnatomy & Physiology I - BIO2013
Natural SciencesAnatomy & Physiology I - BIO201
– AND –
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab - BIO201L
Natural SciencesAnatomy & Physiology II - BIO2023
Natural SciencesAnatomy & Physiology II - BIO202
– AND –
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab - BIO202L
Natural SciencesMicrobiology - BIO2503
Natural SciencesMicrobiology - BIO250
– AND –
Microbiology Lab - BIO250L
Natural SciencesGeneral Chemistry I - CHEM1013
Natural SciencesIntroduction to Environmental Science - ENV1013
Natural SciencesIntroduction to Nutrition - NUTRI1013
Natural SciencesGeneral Physics I - PHY2503
Natural SciencesGeneral Physics I - PHY250
– AND –
General Physics I Lab - PHY250L
Natural SciencesIntroduction to Biology - BIO101
– AND –
Introduction to Biology Lab - BIO101L
Natural SciencesGeneral Chemistry I - CHEM101
– AND –
General Chemistry I Lab - CHEM101L
Natural SciencesPharmacology - PHARM1033
Social SciencesCultural Anthropology - ANTH1013
Social SciencesIntroduction to Psychology - PSY1013
Social SciencesIntroduction to Sociology - SOC1013
Western CivilizationWestern Civilization I - CIV1013
Western CivilizationWestern Civilization II - CIV1023

Since SUNY Empire State College has an individualized program for each student to build their own pathway to a degree we encourage you to discuss your course selections with SUNY Empire State College Advisor Kelly Mollica ([email protected], 1-800-847-3000, ext. 2385).         

Students who have previously taken StraighterLine's PHY251 - General Physics II course may transfer these credits to SUNY Empire State College as Natural Sciences. Students who have previously taken StraighterLine's PHY251L - General Physics II with Lab course may transfer these credits to SUNY Empire State College as Natural Sciences.

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