The 4 Hidden Merits of Distance Education

The 4 Hidden Merits of Distance Education
Beth Dumbauld

By Indiana Tech Contributor, Nicole Scott

When distance education first started gaining momentum, independent study and online classes were an unknown to many employers. They were unsure how to view the value and worth of such degrees. Now, we live in a digitally connected time and the majority of students need to continue to work while attending undergraduate or graduate school.

Online classes make it far easier for working adults to go back to school. As such, employers recognize that online education produces many of the best-qualified, most-experienced graduates. Following this trend in higher education, for example, many of our Indiana Tech students also take online classes as a part of their degree program or complete their degree entirely online.

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As a student or soon-to-be-graduate, you’ll need to prepare yourself to enter the job market or highlight your new skills to your current employer. Employers may ask why you chose to pursue an online education.

Employers won’t be surprised to hear that online programs provided you with flexibility – that you could work or care for children and family while attending undergraduate or graduate school. But, to truly differentiate yourself during an interview, you’ll want to mention these valuable merits of completing a degree online:

1 - Self Discipline

Successfully completing online courses requires a great deal of self-discipline. Self-paced courses mean you own your schedule – and you own your success.

2 – Time Management

When taking online classes, which are asynchronous, students become masters of effective time-management.

3 – Communication

Online courses require that you communicate with classmates and professors consistently and constantly. Doing so allows you to work on essential collaboration and networking skills that employers cherish.

4 – Technical Skills

Completing online course work requires technical savvy, which is one of the top skills that today’s employers value, and one that is critical to hiring managers, regardless of the position you are pursuing.

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As online learning becomes pervasive in all sectors and across all industries, the skills you worked hard to acquire to successfully complete your online degree have now become the same skills that employers identify as most essential for successful job candidates.

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