ACE Approval Means Thousands of Colleges Accept SL Courses!

Jaime Dalbke

In October, Straighterline's courses were reviewed by the American Council on Education's (ACE) Credit Recommendation Service. All nine of Straighterline's credit bearing courses were given approval. This means that any college - and there are thousands - that adheres to ACE's recommendations will now accept Straighterline's courses for credit. To get college credit at Straighterline's prices, do the following:

  1. Ask the college in which you wish to enroll whether they award credit for ACE recognized coursework.
  2. If the college does, then sign up and pass a Straighterline course.
  3. Sign up at the ACE Transcript Service. Have the service forward your Straighterline results to your college of choice.
  4. Alternatively, if your college will not award credit for ACE recommended courses, you want to expedite enrollment, or save $40, then consider one of Straighterline's partner colleges. All of Straighterline's regionally accredited partner colleges have agreed to accept Straighterline courses directly.

ACE's approval is one more "seal of approval" for Straighterline. In addition, the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) - a national accreditor recognized by the federal Department of Education - said that Straighterline's courses meet or exceed its standards for online course quality. Lastly, all of Straighterline's partner colleges have reviewed Straighterline courses and also determined that they meet or exceed their standards for course quality.

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