How to Start Using Online Lab Science Courses

Beth Dumbauld

Online Lab CoursesDid you know you can complete lab science courses online? These required hands-on lab courses are quickly becoming some of the most popular online courses for students looking to save time and money while earning a degree in the sciences, administration or healthcare.

How Does Taking an At-Home Lab Course Work?

Lab science kits are delivered to your door with easy-to-understand online instructions - allowing you to complete your lab science requirement online without having to travel or acquire any specialized lab equipment. With your at-home kit, you will follow a simple step-by-step process, complete your lab reports and upload them for feedback and evaluation on our course site.

As you work through your online lab courses, you will:

  • Be presented with multimedia materials and given quizzes to help you understand the experiments that you will be conducting.
  • Work through the scientific method for each experiment, hypothesize what will happen, record your results and then draw conclusions based on your lab experiment outcomes.

Taking lab courses online will allow you will learn about acceleration in Physics, grow microbe cultures in Microbiology, and do a dissection in Anatomy & Physiology - without ever having to step on campus.

Flexible Lab Science Courses, 100% Online

If you’ve already taken a science lecture courses, but now need the laboratory credit for your degree program, check out our 1-credit standalone versions of our already popular Introduction to Biology, General Chemistry IAnatomy & Physiology I, and Anatomy & Physiology II labs. These courses now contain:

1) Enhanced Content - We work with our content provider, eScienceLabs, to bring you at-home lab experiments and dissections as well as a new virtual model in the A&P labs to help you learn the various systems of the human body.

2) Grader Feedback - We hire experts in the field that will review and provide feedback on your assignments so that you have a better idea of how well you’re understanding the course material.

3) Streamlined Submission Process - We clarify the laboratory requirements by combining every exercise within a given lab assignment into a single worksheet.  You’ll be able to record data, answer lab questions, and insert experimental photos in one document that will be submitted to our graders for review.

The complete list of lab science courses available online through StraighterLine includes:

*1-credit lab courses

Want to try an online class? Take two free lessons on us today!

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