Which Teaching Prerequisites Should You Take Online?

Which Teaching Prerequisites Should You Take Online?

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Thinking about completing your teaching prerequisites online? A smart decision. Whether you are just starting to think about getting your education degree, or you have been working in the teaching field for years -- taking your general education courses online is a flexible and cost effective way to get the credits you need for your degree program.

Here’s why:

You can decide whether becoming a teacher is for you without going into debt.

Practically speaking, this means that if at first you don’t succeed–you can afford to try again. You can go at your own pace, take advantage of student support like 24/7 available online tutors or if you need to retake a course online, you can do so at a low cost without taking on student debt.

You will pay less for your required prerequisite and general education courses - and pay less for your degree.

When you complete online courses through StraighterLine, you can quickly, affordably, and confidently earn the college credit you need. Courses start at $79 with a $99 monthly subscription–and you can go at your own pace.

You can prepare for success in your teaching degree program.

Taking your prerequisites online in a low-risk environment gives you the breathing room to see if now is the right time to earn your degree. StraighterLine offers a full suite of wrap-around student support services that help foster student success, such as 24/7 live tutoring, student support access, and an ability to start and pause your courses on your schedule. Over 97% of successful StraighterLine students pass their courses on the first try. Keep in mind, if it’s been a while since you’ve taken a college course, you can take college prep classes to strengthen your writing and math foundation, grow your confidence, and get your study skills college ready.

You can transfer courses to your school.

StraighterLine has partnerships with over 150 accredited colleges–many have teaching programs–where your courses can transfer. StraighterLine partner colleges with education programs are located throughout the country, from public state universities such as University of Maine-Presque Isle and Rio Salado College, to 100% online programs such as WGU and University of Massachusetts Global, to private colleges that have specialized education programs like Liberty University and Vanguard University of Southern California. If you want to transfer your courses to colleges outside our partner network, no worries! Our courses have been accepted for credit at over 2,000 other colleges and universities.

Which general education courses will you need for your education degree?

Though it depends on the school, most degree programs require the same general education courses. We’ve compiled a list of the most common prerequisite courses future teachers take here at StraighterLine to pursue their education degree:

Online English Courses

  1. English Composition I
  2. English Composition II

Newly redesigned – English Composition I is typically required for all majors, no matter your degree program. Most education programs require that students also complete English Composition II. Feedback on writing is provided by course evaluators before assignment submissions so students can feel confident in their work before any assessments.

Online Math Courses

  1. College Algebra
  2. Precalculus

Get a working knowledge of college-level math and its applications. These two courses are common requirements for nearly all bachelor’s degrees, including education. Many students appreciate the free tutoring included with this course.

Online Humanities Courses

  1. United States History I
  2. United States History II
  3. Western Civilization I
  4. Western Civilization II
  5. Introduction to Sociology

Develop the writing and critical thinking skills necessary for success in today’s classroom by taking a humanities course online. Most students can complete our humanities classes online within 4-6 weeks but many are able to finish them in less than 30 days.

Online Social Science Courses

  1. Economics I: Macroeconomics
  2. Economics II: Microeconomics
  3. Introduction to Psychology

These introductory social science courses provide a general survey of key foundational subjects for aspiring teachers. The College Board has also reviewed and authorized StraighterLine's Intro to Psychology course as an AP Program course (AP Psychology).

Online Science Courses

  1. Introduction to Biology
  2. General Chemistry I

Nearly all education degree programs will have science requirements. Intro to Biology and General Chemistry are often taken to satisfy those prerequisites. Students who plan on teaching science should expect to take additional courses in science.

Pay less for your online teaching prerequisites

If you are looking to pay less for your teaching prerequisites, you should consider enrolling in a StraighterLine course. Courses start at $79 with our $99 membership. Start today, enroll immediately and go at your own pace!

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