Votes are In! Top 10 Most Loved Courses

Votes are In! Top 10 Most Loved Courses

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Psychology and English shared the top spot as our most loved courses of the year, followed closely by Anatomy & Physiology I and Intro to Nutrition! Below are the 10 most beloved courses completed by StraighterLine students this past year.

Intro to Psychology

Psychology course

Provides a general survey of psychology, including the relationship between biology and behavior, such as how stress impacts personal health. This course has also been reviewed and authorized by The College Board as an AP Program course (AP Psychology). Why Students Love It “I really enjoyed learning how the mind works.” “Intro to Psychology is… so fun!” “I really liked the practical aspect of this course. It taught me a lot about disorders and how humans interact.”

English Composition I

English Comp

Newly redesigned – see what the buzz is all about! Provides an easy to follow and immersive approach to various writing genres. Students write a selection of essays including a research paper. Feedback on writing is provided by course evaluators prior to assignment submissions so students can feel confident in their work before any assessments. Why Students Love It “English Comp I is my favorite because of the wide variety of writing styles covered. It also offers a great way to get a better understanding of literature.” “English Comp helped me to gain a better insight on proper word usage and to write better.” “I learned a lot from English Composition, especially when it comes to writing essays.”

Anatomy & Physiology I

Anatomy & Physiology

Study the functions and structure of the human body. This course covers anatomical terminology, the organization of the body and the relationship of chemistry to anatomy and physiology. Why Students Love It “I love how thorough the class is and how you do not have to rush to get any assignment done since this class is a little more intense than others. The availability of work time is amazing.” “The guided learning with the free eTextbook. Also, even though the course is self-directed, the depth is as great as any other course I’ve taken – either online or in-person.”

Intro to Nutrition

Intro to Nutrition

Learn about the types of nutrients, how your body uses nutrients, how nutrition affects your health, and how nutrient needs change at different stages in life. This popular course also explores how psychology, society, and your own values and beliefs affect what and how you eat. Why Students Love It “I learned a lot in Intro to Nutrition. Also, it was easy and I got an A in the class.” “I found it very interesting to learn about nutrition and health.”

Intro to Statistics

Intro to statistics

Learn the basic concepts of probability and statistics while focusing on applications of statistical knowledge. Gain an understanding of how statistics and probability work together. This course is popular across all college majors. Why Students Love It “StraighterLine’s Intro to Stats actually broke down the material so completely that even a 5th grader could understand it.” “Math has always been my weakest subject, but this class changed that! With this course, I was able to understand the material.” “Stats is so interesting and applicable to real life.”

College Algebra

College Algebra

Get a working knowledge of college-level algebra and its applications. Learn about linear and quadratic equations, word problems, polynomials, and rational and radical equations. A common requirement for nearly all bachelor's degrees, many students appreciated the free tutoring included with this course. Why Students Love It “StraighterLine’s College Algebra has such easy-to-follow instructions and lessons.”

Anatomy & Physiology II

anatomy and physiology 2

Study the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and immunity systems, as well as the respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems, nutrition, metabolism, and body fluid balances. Students can also enroll in a separate Anatomy and Physiology II Lab. Why Students Love It “I really loved learning about the anatomy and physiology of our body and how it functions with certain disease entities.”

Intro to Sociology

sociology 1

Study an overview of sociology and its applications in everyday life. An affordable way to fulfill one of the most common general education humanities requirements. Why Students Love it “Taking sociology at StraighterLine was easy and fun!” “Intro to Sociology gave me some really good insight on things I’ve never thought about on what people do before.”



Gaining a basic understanding of therapeutic and adverse effects of drugs in the body, the basic operation of the nervous system, and the conditions that affect them. Why Students Love It “I appreciated that StraighterLine’s textbook for pharmacology was so well written and in depth.” “The way StraighterLine has this pharmacology course set up makes it so easy to follow and understand. I like the homework because it helps make the test more understandable – and I can learn it quickly so I can use it in my job setting.”

Cultural Anthropology


Explore human diversity across multiple spectrums including economic, political, social and cultural. You’ll also study the science of anthropology, its methods, ethics and history. “StraighterLine’s Cultural Anthropology is an incredibly interesting course!” Why Students Love It “I enjoyed learning about different cultures and how they all affect today’s society. I feel with all the changes happening, it is important to learn about diversity and understanding others.”

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