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How to Complete Core Curriculum Courses Online

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If you go to most colleges, you are going to have to take a certain number of required courses. If you attend Columbia University in New York, for example, here are core curriculum courses that you will be required to take . . .
  1. Contemporary Civilization
  2. Literature Humanities
  3. University Writing
  4. Art Humanities
  5. Music Humanities
In addition to those courses that Columbia requires, you will also have to take courses in these areas . . .
  1. Science Requirement
  2. Global Core Requirement
  3. Foreign Language Requirement
  4. Physical Education Requirement

What’s the Reasoning behind Required Courses?

Basically, the purpose is to establish certain baseline requirements for what students are supposed to know before they graduate. If you graduate from Columbia, for example, you will have a well-rounded education. You’ve studied a foreign language, you can write capably, you’ve passed a science course.  Your Columbia degree stands for something. That’s all good, right? In most cases, it is. However, snags like these often occur at many colleges . . .
  1. You’re just about to graduate, and realize that you somehow failed to complete all the required courses. This falls into the category of events known as, “bad things happen to good people.” There are many ways it can happen to you. Maybe you dropped a course during your first year of college, and then forgot to remember that you were required to take it. Oops.
  2. You sort of graduated and were allowed to “walk” in your college’s commencement ceremony, but the reality is that you never completed one of your required courses. Now you have to find a way to take that course, or the college won’t really graduate you or issue you a diploma. And of course, you don’t want to return to campus and pay a ton of money so you can complete just one course.
  3. You misunderstood a requirement. Maybe you took Introduction to Linguistics and thought that a course with that name would fulfill your literature or English requirement. Then a month before graduation, you find out that you were mistaken. Now you have to figure out a way to take a course that your college will accept. And until you do, you are hung out to dry as you wait to graduate.

The Easier, Cheaper, Faster Way to Complete Core Courses

Many people think that the best way to take required courses is to take them at a nearby college or community college. In most cases, that’s not the most cost-effective way at all. Taking online courses here at StraighterLine is far better – it’s easier, cheaper, and faster. Here’s an overview of StraighterLine courses that can probably fulfill those core course requirements at your college . . . English – StraighterLine offers two college-level writing courses that you can complete online. Humanities and History – You’ll find a selection of courses that could do the trick and fulfill your humanities requirement, even the Western Civilization courses that colleges often require. Languages – StraighterLine currently offers two excellent Spanish courses online. If your college has a language requirement, they could be the answer for you. Mathematics – StraighterLine offers a good selection of courses, including College Algebra, Precalculus, General Calculus, and more. Sciences – You’ll find science courses here, even the labs that colleges often require. It’s Easy to Take Courses Online StraighterLine courses are remarkably affordable. They usually cost less than one-third of what the same courses cost at regular colleges. And after you have completed your coursework, getting your credits transferred to your regular college is a snap. So if you’re stuck and unable to graduate because you still need to take a required course, sweat no more. You have just found the solution here at StraighterLine. Enroll in a StraighterLine Class, Get Started Immediatley

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