Get a Year's Worth of College Credit Online

Get a Year's Worth of College Credit Online
Beth Dumbauld

Looking to get a year's worth of college credit, save money and try classes for free? You have a number of options, including StraighterLine online college courses.

Here's how StraighterLine stacks up against MOOCs like ASU's/EdX Global Freshman Academy:

You pay less for your online courses with StraighterLine

Taking your college courses through StraighterLine costs less! Courses start at $59 with our $99 monthly membership -- and you can complete on your schedule.

You get access to qualified academic support

Students succeed at much higher rates when they have access to academic support through mentors, academic advisors, and tutoring. You can’t get that kind of support through MOOCS like EdX. That’s not how “free” MOOCS are set up - but fortunately you automatically get full academic support for any general education course you take through StraighterLine, including on-demand one-on-one tutoring and professional academic advising.

You can enroll in college with ACE CREDIT Recommended courses

If you plan on enrolling at ASU, we can help! StraighterLine students have reported that ASU takes StraighterLine courses. All StraighterLine courses have received ACE CREDIT recommendations. Hundreds of accredited colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommended courses for transfer into their degree programs.

You can attend a college or university other than ASU

Fortunately, when you take courses at StraighterLine, we offer you a credit transfer guarantee to over 130 accredited colleges and universities, so you can graduate from the school you want for a fraction of the price.

A Free Trial That’s Really Free!

Rather than paying $45 to enroll in the EdX’s Verified Track just to make sure you are eligible for credit once your course is over, you can can take two free lessons from StraighterLine’s most popular courses right away - for free! StraighterLine courses are eligible for college credit!

Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today!

You get help with your transfer credit questions

At StraighterLine, our professional enrollment counselors know how to handle all your transfer credit needs – and can help save you money on your degree program.

  • At StraighterLine, you are treated like a unique individual with unique educational needs.
  • We can help you take advantage of scholarships designed specifically for adult learners.

Need help with credit transfer? Call (877) 785-2624 to talk with an Enrollment Counselor!

The Path to an Affordable, Flexible Online Degree

No matter where you live in the world, you can enroll in StraighterLine online classes.

If you are looking to take control of your education and earn a flexible, ultra affordable online degree, skip the narrow options offered by MOOCs, and start your college journey at StraighterLine. Here’s how:

1- Get A Degree Plan

Talk to one of our Enrollment Counselors about your career goals, any previously earned credits, and the school(s) you are interested in attending. Your Enrollment Counselor will help you make the right decisions around taking a single course or getting a year's worth of college credit online.

2- Complete Low-Cost General Education Courses Online

Take your general education and elective courses through StraighterLine for just $99/month with courses starting as low as $59.

3- Evaluate Partner College Scholarships

StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships can help make your college degree up to 60% more affordable.

4- Enroll in a Partner College

All approved courses are guaranteed to transfer for credit to our nearly 150 partner colleges.

5- Complete Your Degree Program

Finish your remaining courses at our partner colleges.

6- Get Your Degree

You will graduate and receive your diploma from our partner colleges.

Get a Year’s Credit Online with StraighterLine

When StraighterLine students transfer their credits to a college or university, including ASU, to earn their degree, their diploma looks exactly like all the other diplomas that school confers. With StraighterLine, you are guaranteed to earn university credit from at over 150 university partners, after successfully completing your general education courses online -- and our courses have been accepted for credit at over 2,000 more colleges and universities. We make it easy to pay less for your college degrees.

Are you ready to get on the fast track to your degree? You can take flexible, affordable online courses that are guaranteed to earn you credit and reduce the cost of your degree. StraighterLine is here to help.

We have over 150 accredited partner schools. Get your free personalized degree plan today!

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