Which Online Classes are the Fastest?

Which Online Classes are the Fastest?

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Sometimes, students just need to complete a college class… fast. It could be for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Completing prerequisites before being accepted into a degree program, for example, completing science prerequisites such as anatomy and physiology or pharmacology before getting accepted into a nursing program.
  2. Taking a college prep class to develop college-ready math or writing skills prior to starting college. 
  3. Reducing your course load in anticipation of a busy semester as a competitive college athlete or working student.
  4. Redoing a class to maintain eligibility.
  5. Making accelerated progress on your degree to reduce costs.
  6. Checking several required courses, like college algebra or English composition, off your list.
  7. Reaching degree goals quicker to start working in your new career–whether it’s business, teaching or nursing–as soon as possible.

Sound familiar? If you’re looking to complete a class fast, we recommend enrolling in one that has a history of being able to be finished in a quicker time frame. On average, students complete a StraighterLine class in 33 days; many complete in under a month. The ten classes featured below are fastest on average with students sometimes finishing in just a couple weeks! There’s no guarantee you’ll complete a course as quickly as this depends on many factors, including how much time you can devote and your previous experience in the subject matter. To help you succeed and meet your goals, all StraighterLine classes include textbooks and tutoring at no extra cost. 

Here’s a list of classes that StraighterLine students finish fastest.

Each course below is self-paced, earns 3 credits, and is only $79 with our monthly membership.

Cultural Anthropology

Fulfills a general social science requirement.  


Completes a common business prerequisite.  

US History II

Fulfills a general humanities or social science requirement.  

Introduction to Philosophy

Fulfills a general humanities requirement.  

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Fulfills a social science requirement, popular with students looking to enter public service.  


Completes a prerequisite for nursing and other healthcare programs.  

Introduction to Business

Completes a prerequisite for a business degree, helps you build business acumen, and gain skills necessary to start a business successfully.  

Introduction to Religion

Fulfills a general humanities or social science requirement.  

Business Ethics

Fulfills a general business requirement.  

Western Civilization I

Fulfills a general social science requirement.  

Student Testimonial

“My school told us that if you need to take a couple of courses, you can do online classes through StraighterLine and get credit… The courses were pretty cool. It was a good way to get the credit I needed to stay eligible for football. I would recommend it to someone else who may be busy like me and just need to get a couple of credits over the summer so they can graduate sooner, stay eligible, or whatever the case may be.” - Isaiah, StraighterLine Student, GA

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