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  • StraighterLine’s Free eTextBooks Eliminate Costs, Adds Convenience for Online Students

    Online students can take their courses anywhere, anytime. So shouldn’t they be able to access their textbooks online as well? For free, if possible? At StraighterLine, our mission is to help students reach their educational goals by providing an affordable and convenient way to earn online college credit. So, to provide an even greater value to our students -- to make our courses even more affordable and more convenient -- we now include StraighterLine eTextbooks for free with our courses. You asked. We listened. At StraighterLine, we realize that one major obstacle standing in the way of college student achievement is the extraordinary cost of textbooks. We’ve seen the great lengths our students have gone through to track down affor ...

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*Total StraighterLine savings is compared to average cost per course for full-time students enrolled at a four-year college. For 2014-15, the average published tuition and fees for a four-year college is $21,109, Source: College Board.

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