Professor Sarah Surma MA from the University of Phoenix
Total students servedTotal Students Served: 910 and counting

My Experience:
I received a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Management and a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training/E-Learning from University of Phoenix. I have taught an array of online entry-level English courses where I specialize in assisting students develop their writing skills.

What Students Can Expect:
I have a passion for teaching online, and my dedication to student success is evident by my consistent presence and convenient availability in the virtual classroom. I understand that it is imperative for students to receive answers to their questions quickly so that they feel comfortable moving forward in the course and with assignments. When students understand course concepts, they gain a learning confidence that allows them to move through the course at their preferred pace. Students will also benefit from supplemental guidance materials that clearly explain assignment expectations as well as general writing tips.

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*Tuition data from “Trends in College Pricing: 2013” The College Board.
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