An Alternative to CLEP Tests-
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CLEP exams are an option for students who have already mastered a subject and want to earn college credit for that knowledge. But what if you haven’t mastered the subject? How can you possibly expect to do well on an exhaustive, 90-minute long test?

Of course you can’t. And if you don’t do well, you have to wait 6 months before you can try again… and for most students planning on going to college, that just won’t work.

But there is an alternative to CLEP tests: StraighterLine self-paced, online college courses. We offer dozens of introductory college level courses in the same subject areas as CLEP. And our course credits transfer to our partner colleges or through the ACE Credit service.

StraighterLine is the right option for you if:

  • You haven’t mastered the subject matter and need to learn it or to spend extensive time studying for the test.
  • You want to save money. On the StraighterLine monthly subscription plan, each course only costs $49.
  • You’ve already taken a CLEP exam, didn’t do well enough to get credit for it, and can’t wait 6 months to take it again. (Plus, you still need to improve your knowledge of the subject)

3 Reasons to Choose StraighterLine

For many students, StraighterLine is a smarter choice than taking the CLEP. Here’s why:

  1. StraighterLine courses offer you a supervised, structured way to learn course material. And if you need tutorial help, academic assistance is available online. The CLEP is only an exam that tests your knowledge in a particular subject area, not a form of instruction, so you are on your own as you prepare.
  2. With StraighterLine, you set your own schedule. You can complete your coursework online at your own pace – even repeating different units if you desire – then you can finish your course and earn your grade whenever you are ready. With CLEP, you need to schedule and lock in your test date in advance, and if you don’t do well enough, you need to wait 6 months to take it again.
  3. You can take and complete StraighterLine courses anywhere. With StraighterLine, there’s no need to schedule a test in a remote physical location and travel to it.  You can even choose to take a proctored exam online, on your schedule. With CLEP, you must travel to a test center to take the test, and depending on where you live, you may have to travel hundreds of miles to get to the nearest center.

Thousands of students have taken StraighterLine courses to save time and money by not having to take introductory level courses in college. You can too, and you can get started right away.

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