An Online College Primer for Faith-Based Homeschoolers: Part Four

If you are looking to keep down costs, being able to have credits count towards graduation requirements at the college level, and not just having the ability to enter college at an advanced level, is significant. It’s one thing to arrive at college with having a semester or two (or three!) under your belt and needing only 2 or 3 more years to graduate versus being able to access more advanced classes but still needing 4 years (and 4 years of tuition payments) to graduate.

3 - Online College Courses

Taking online college courses prior to enrolling in college can make a significant dent on the cost of college. Online college course provider StraighterLine offers online general education college courses directly to students at prices that are as much as 90% lower than tuition for online courses from traditional colleges. What’s more, you can take online college courses concurrently with any required high school curriculum, allowing your homeschooled student to move beyond any academic restraints, and complete college courses that can be transferred once your student is ready to enroll in college.

At StraighterLine, you can take as many college courses as you want per month when enrolled in the $99/month subscription program. Alternatively, students can enroll in StraighterLine’s $999 Freshman Year of College plan where you take up to 10 online college courses before you even enroll in college. StraighterLine college courses are guaranteed to transfer within its network of partner colleges, which includes many of the most popular schools within the faith-based homeschooling community: Liberty UniversityUniversity of the Incarnate WordConcordia University Chicago , and Concordia University Irvine .

Alternatively, StraighterLine courses are ACE-certified, meaning you can also transfer your college courses to a network of over 1800+ colleges which accept ACE Credits for transfer.

Why Online Education Works for Faith-Based Homeschoolers

As a faith-based homeschooling family, values matter. Incorporating online education, particularly online college courses, as your child starts working towards enrolling in college allows you to specialize in the areas which matter most to your family. Taking college courses online keeps the “home” in homeschooling even as your child advances beyond the typical high school curriculum – and provides college-level academic access no matter where you live. Following up with enrollment in an online college or university to finish their degree (and even pursue graduate degrees) provides home-schoolers with an option to complete their entire education without ever setting foot inside a brick-and-mortar institution.

For many, taking low-cost, high-quality online college courses prior to enrolling in college allows a college education to become financially possible. It allows for a flexible use of time, for example, providing your homeschoolers with the flexibility to take part in ministry and service opportunities outside the home while taking college-level classes anytime, anywhere.

Taking college classes online removes geography as a barrier to receiving the advanced college-level education a teenager may be ready for, particularly important for homeschoolers living in remote or rural environments. Given that many faith-based homes school families are involved in missionary work within and outside the United State, taking online college courses allows a student to keep moving forward in their education as they move forward in sharing their faith.

Self-paced online education, particularly taking online college courses for credit, allows you to match the need for a vibrant life of faith with a pathway to college. With online college courses, you truly can replace place-based education with a faith-based education.

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