How to Get the College Classes You Need During the Community College Crisis Part 2

Don’t Let a Lack of Funding in the California Community College System Delay Your Educational and Career Goals

Each and every student who enters a California community college brings to the school a unique set of dreams, career goals and educational needs. The diversity at a California community college is unparalleled: 5.4% are less than 17 years old; 48.5% are 18-24, 21.4% are ages 25-34, and 24.7% are 35 and older.4 Where do you fit in? What are you looking to take away from an education?

Given that budget cuts and shrinking resources are limiting access to the California community college system – where does that leave you? What does (or would) a delay in your ability to enroll in a community college have on your career and educational goals? If you are already enrolled – what kind of impact does being waitlisted for required courses have on your educational roadmap? 

Waitlists take a toll on a student’s future.

At the end of the day, becoming frustrated with the community college crisis leaves you with little more than a headache and a huge hassle – don’t let issues within the California community college system delay your educational and career goals. You have options. It’s time to move away from a community college system in crisis to something a whole lot better: credit-bearing online college courses.

How You Can Still Take the Required Classes You Need if You’ve Been Waitlisted or Turned Away by a California Community College

If you are one of the thousands of students turned away by a community college due to a lack of space or availability of programs, what can you do? Actually, quite a bit. Let’s take a look at the typical student “wants” in attending a community college. Take a minute to see where you fit in, and then learn how to quickly move around the roadblocks standing in between you and your educational goals. 

If you want to earn an associate degree in 2 years:

Deciding to earn your degree is a big step. One of the main advantages in earning an associate degree is that you can quickly earn the credentials you need to advance your career. However, any delay in earning your associate degree eats away at any time advantage that going for a 2-year degree offers. A community college program that promises to deliver a 2-year degree should not take a student 3 years to complete because of a lack of course availability. It’s expensive and a waste of time, and acts as a brake on your future.

Are you stalled out in an associate degree program at a California community college? Step out, or bypass the system all together, and take the introductory and prerequisite college classes you need by enrolling in online college courses at StraighterLine. StraighterLine offers credit-bearing college courses in science, math, business, English, humanities, and language. Need to take calculus? How about English Composition I? What about accounting? You can sign-up online at StraighterLine and begin taking classes today. You can take StraighterLine online college courses anywhere, anytime. You have the choice of taking self-directed classes or learning with a professor. It’s up to you.  

All StraighterLine courses earn ACE CREDIT, making them eligible to transfer for comparable credit at over 1,800 colleges, and are currently guaranteed to transfer to more than 40 accredited partner colleges – all of whom offer associate degrees. StraighterLine offers unlimited college courses starting at a cost of $99/month plus a one-time per course fee of $49. Signing up for college courses at StraighterLine allows you to save money, save time, and eliminate the uncertainty surrounding the California community college crisis. 

4Community College League of California, Fast Facts 2012, 9/2012, p.1

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