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Develop Your Personalized Degree Plan

To determine which online courses will fit into your degree program, get a personalized degree plan from your Student Advisor. Your Advisor will ask you about any previously earned college credits and the degree program you are interested in, or currently are, attending.

Select Your StraighterLine Courses

Every course is engineered to increase your success, count for credit towards your degree, and to save you money. Students completing online college courses through StraighterLine can take advantage of Partner College Scholarships which can help make a college degree up to 60% more affordable.

Pick a Partner College for Transfer

StraighterLine has a network of 100 partner colleges and universities. Your approved course(s), as mapped out within your degree plan, are guaranteed to transfer to our partner schools.

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StraighterLine Credit Transfer Guarantee

Achieve your educational goals without compromising the quality of your degree.


Transferring Credits to Colleges

All StraighterLine courses are ACE Credit recommended. Therefore, you can transfer your approved StraighterLine courses to over 2,000 colleges and universities that are part of the ACE Credit College and University Network. Be sure to check with your college for verification of credit transferability.

*If looking to transfer courses outside of StraighterLine’s education partner network, StraighterLine advises all HCSC employees to check with desired college or university to see which courses will be accepted prior to enrolling in StraighterLine.


Transferring Credits to Colleges

When you enroll at one of our 100+ Partner Colleges, we guarantee that you will receive full course credit for StraighterLine courses within your degree plan. Our Partner Colleges are selected for their high-quality degree programs and commitment to your educational success.

Need help deciding what courses to take? Together we'll develop a personalized degree plan that shows you what courses to take with us and how much you can save. Give us a call, (877) 787-8375, to get started on your degree plan.

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