Top 10 Most Popular College Courses of the Year

Top 10 Most Popular College Courses of the Year

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Our most popular online college courses this year were as varied and diverse as our students and their educational goals. Math, science, and English courses topped the list along with several Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences courses. Here are StraighterLine’s top 10 classes for 2022 based on student enrollment, plus a few honorable mentions:

1. College Algebra

A common requirement for nearly all bachelor degrees, this course will give you a working knowledge of college-level algebra and its applications. After successfully completing our College Algebra course, you will be able to execute operations on real numbers and polynomials as well as simplify algebraic, rational, and radical expressions. Helpful tip: Though no prerequisite is required, we do recommend you take Introductory Algebra (non-credit college prep course) or its equivalent before enrolling in College Algebra. We provide the support needed to be successful: free 24/7 on-demand tutoring is included with all StraighterLine courses.


2. Anatomy & Physiology I

This course is a common prerequisite for degrees in healthcare and is also a great option for fulfilling one of the most common general education science requirements. Anatomy & Physiology I provides a comprehensive look at the human body’s structure and functions. Topics include organization of the body, characteristics of life, anatomical terminology, and cell function and division. The skin, skeletal system, muscles, and nervous system are also examined.  Helpful tip: Combine our Anatomy & Physiology I Lab, which must be purchased separately, with the course to meet your school’s lab requirement. 


3. Microbiology

Another common requirement of students pursuing health science degrees, including nursing, this course is designed to teach microbiology as it applies to the healthcare field. You’ll study pathogenic microorganisms and their role in human disease, human immunology, symptoms and treatment of microbial infection, and preventative measures against microbial infection. Helpful tip: Our Microbiology Lab, which must be purchased separately, provides hands-on experience with at-home experiments to meet your school’s lab requirement.


4. English Composition I

In our recently redesigned English Composition I course, learn how to develop strong writing skills by identifying and understanding the steps involved in the writing process. You’ll become a master of five fundamental types of writing: compare and contrast, argumentative, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive. Helpful tip: Feedback on your writing is provided by course evaluators prior to assignment submissions so you can feel confident in your work before any assessments!


5. Anatomy & Physiology II

Building on Anatomy and Physiology I, this course is popular with students considering entering careers in healthcare. The reproductive system is discussed as well as stages of human development. Learn about the lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, and urinary systems as well as nutrition, metabolism, body fluid balances, and aging. Helpful tip: This course can be combined with our Anatomy & Physiology II Lab, which must be purchased separately, to meet your school’s lab requirement. 


6. Introduction to Nutrition

Learn about the types of nutrients, how your body uses nutrients, how nutrition affects your health, and how nutrient needs change at different stages in life. This popular course also explores how psychology, society, and your own values and beliefs affect what and how you eat.


7. General Calculus I

This course is designed to acquaint you with calculus principles such as derivatives, integrals, limits, approximation, applications and modeling, and sequences and series. Not only will you gain experience in the use of calculus methods, but perhaps more importantly, you’ll learn how those methods may be used in practical everyday applications.  Helpful tip: We suggest, though do not require, that you take Precalculus or its equivalent before enrolling in General Calculus I.


8. Introduction to Psychology

This course provides a general survey of psychology including the relationship between biology and behavior, such as how stress impacts personal health. Other topics introduced in the course include intelligence and reasoning, personality, gender and sex, memory, ethics, and research methods.


9. Introduction to Statistics

Popular across all college majors, the subject of statistics involves the study of methods for collecting, summarizing, and interpreting data. Learn the basic concepts of probability and statistics while focusing on applications of statistical knowledge. Gain an understanding of how statistics and probability work together. Helpful tip: Successful completion of College Algebra is strongly recommended before taking Introduction to Statistics.


10. General Chemistry I

A common requirement for healthcare science majors, including nursing, this comprehensive course is designed to familiarize you with the basic principles of chemistry. You will explore the nature of matter: its components, stoichiometry, and intermolecular force and phase changes. Helpful tip: General Chemistry I provides a solid foundation for further study into the sciences.


Honorable Mention Courses

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