3 Reasons to Take Online Technology Courses

3 Reasons to Take Online Technology Courses
Beth Dumbauld

Reviewed by Josianne Campbell

If you're interested in a career in Information Technology (IT), taking online technology courses offers the best way to pass various industry certification exams. These certifications may include

These certifications can be pivotal in boosting your career progression and can demonstrate to potential clients and employers that you have a solid knowledge base from which to successfully code, diagnose, repair and maintain various technology systems.

Taking these technology courses online also provides solid instruction and practice in each area. This will allow you to determine how fast you learn and retain the materials and to schedule your certification exams, giving you enough practice before you take certification exams.

Finally, completing online technology courses can count toward earning an associate or bachelor technology degree. If you decide to pursue a degree in an IT field, these courses will transfer seamlessly with one click into any number of degree options provided by our partner colleges and universities. A few minutes of research will give you concrete options for any degree route.

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Who Needs Online Technology Courses?

Taking online information technology classes can benefit many people, including

  • anyone getting ready for their first IT certification – let success in online technology courses give you the background and confidence to pass your certifications
  • IT specialists who are interested in career progression – making a change from an entry level position to journeyman often requires additional education
  • first time computer coders – anyone with an active interest in coding can benefit from online technology courses, even if its ‘just’ a hobby
  • anyone who is applying for an entry level IT specialist position – technology is always changing so as you look to enter the IT field, take measures to ensure your knowledge is up to date

Certification exams are challenging and require specialized knowledge about software, computer hardware, networks, databases and various uses for computer networks in businesses and homes.

You'll may also need to learn about and be comfortable with creating and maintaining computer databases, network security and software development. Additionally, the newer field of IT management looks for a broad understanding of many coding languages, hardware and software uses, and network administration tasks.

What Are the Advantages of Taking Online Technology Courses?

  • The classes are self-paced, so you can take them anytime. If you’re on a tight or odd schedule, you can study and learn at the best time for you and your situation.
  • Learn IT concepts at home, work or on vacation. Online technology courses are portable, so you can take your classroom with you wherever you go, even to the beach.
  • The classes cover what you'll see on the exams. This means that your chances of passing the first time are greatly increased since you’ve already mastered the material.

In addition, when you take online college classes for credit, those credits can and will transfer to degree programs if you decide to get an associates, bachelors or master’s degree in technology. Often times an interest of hobby in technology can become a satisfying new career, and with an easy avenue through which to transfer credit, you can move into a degree program with ease and confidence.

There's no downside to completing online technology courses. Whether you’re entertaining a tech hobby, starting an IT career, moving into technology management or earning multiple certifications to increase your job opportunities, making the most of our cost- and time-effective online technology courses can launch you into the next phase.

Why not try our free trial today to see how we can best meet your needs? If you enjoy the ability to learn online, at your own pace at an affordable cost, taking a StraighterLine course may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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