StraighterLine woos The Bridge School - Education Meant for Each Other

Jaime Dalbke

StraighterLine woos The Bridge School - education meant for each other

StraighterLine’s mission to help ease the escalating cost of four-year college tuition and avoid serious student debt just got even easier. Feel free to exhale now – phew!

StraighterLine announced recently that The Bridge School, an education leader offering flexible and individualized opportunities for students to earn high school diplomas through online instruction, has partnered with them to offer dual enrollment options for students. That’s dual enrollment, not dual-wielding. You’re not Master Chief and this isn’t Halo on Xbox 360.

The partnership will benefit students who successfully complete StraighterLine’s online college courses because not only will they receive high school credit from The Bridge School, but they’ll also gain college credit from any of StraighterLine’s partner colleges or colleges approved by the American Council on Education’s Credit Recommendation Service. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Speaking of StraighterLine’s partners, a few new partners – Excelsior College, Capella University and American InterContinental University – have been added to the already extensive list including:

So why is this partnership such great news? Umm … that’s easy - The Bridge School is the first high school to partner with StraighterLine and offer the opportunity to receive online college credit while still attending high school, saving students thousands of dollars on their college education. With the money you’ll save on college, you can have more opportunity to partake in other college activities – if you’re picking up what I’m putting down – referring to extracurricular activities like Spanish club of course. This is not a shameless plug to promote the college nightlife.

In case you were worried about the quality of education that StraighterLine offers its students, don’t be. In addition to being reviewed by its partner colleges, StraighterLine’s online college courses have been evaluated and recommended by the American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service where they’ve met or exceeded the Distance Education and Training Council’s standards for online course quality. So kick back and relax. There’s no need to fear, a talking super-dog in a cape isn’t here but quality education is.

StraighterLine’s online college course list is made up of 9 entry-level classes with more class offerings to be added soon:

  • College Algebra
  • Precalculus
  • English Comp I
  • English Comp II
  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Business Statistics
  • Two developmental courses

With the partnership and dual enrollment of The Bridge School and StraighterLine, students can drastically cut the cost of college. With all the college tuition dollars you’ll be saving, you won’t have to become best friends with the dollar menu, shop at the Goodwill or uphold a strict college diet of ramen noodles and water. In addition to cutting costs, research also shows that students starting college with existing credits are more likely to complete their degrees. You’re already off with a head start, just don’t underestimate the tortoise or be as naïve as the hare.

StraighterLine and The Bridge School – now that’s one union worth celebrating. Somebody break out the bubbly. It’s time to get this party started.

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