Sophia vs. StraighterLine

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StraighterLine has nearly 5x as many partner colleges and universities as Sophia. At StraighterLine, you’ll save money and time on high-quality online courses that can help you get the credit you need for your degree – on your schedule.

See how StraighterLine compares with Sophia below.

Trusted by More Colleges, Universities, and Higher Ed Professionals

With StraighterLine, you can be confident your courses will transfer for credit at the school of your choice vs. Sophia.

  • Guaranteed course transfer agreements with more than 150 partners, including both public and private universities, as well as schools that exclusively offer degrees online and those that offer classes on-campus.
  • Partnerships with state schools, including community colleges, and entire university systems. It makes no difference which type of school you attend, when you enroll at one of these colleges, we guarantee you will receive full course credit for StraighterLine courses within your degree plan.
  • Nearly 2,000 colleges and universities outside our partner network also accept StraighterLine courses for credit.
  • Nearly 60 percent of StraighterLine students are referred to StraighterLine directly from a representative from their college.
    97% of students who attempted to receive credit for a StraighterLine course were successful - based on a survey of thousands of students who completed courses with us in 2018.

Independence Students Can Believe In

StraighterLine is an independent provider of online courses with no corporate interest in what school you attend. Students should consider that Sophia is a subsidiary of Strategic Education, Inc., a company that owns two for-profit universities with a financial interest in enrollments at those two schools.

  • There’s no ulterior motive at StraighterLine. Our mission is simple, our values are clear, and our relationships are transparent: we help students conveniently take affordable college courses online to dramatically lower the cost of their college degree -- no matter which school you choose.
  • We value you as an individual and we value your time. Students are busy. We get it. That’s why we offer individualized live student support 7 days a week, and we never sell your information to other schools who will fill your inbox with spam and could call you day and night.

More Courses, More Convenience, and More Support

With StraighterLine, you have significantly more course options to choose from than those offered at Sophia. You’ll also have more flexibility to complete as many courses as you’d like at your own pace, and on your schedule.

● StraighterLine offers nearly 2x as many courses than Sophia, including courses in English, math, humanities, science, health science, social science, and technology.
● You can enroll in and work on an unlimited number of courses at the same time with your StraighterLine membership, unlike Sophia where only two courses can be active at once.
● With StraighterLine, eTextbooks, live student support, one-one-one tutoring, and transcripts are included free.
● More than 91% of StraighterLine students would recommend us to a friend or family member.

Considering that so many students have significant challenges when transferring credits from one institution to another — which sometimes forces them to re-do courses, delay graduation, and lose thousands of dollars — you’ll find StraighterLine – with our self-paced, convenient courses, streamlined credit transfer processes, and 7 days a week individualized student support – is the critical online course provider you’ve been searching for.

To speak with an enrollment counselor, call us at (877) 787-8375 or chat with us now.

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