Are You Ready to Finish What You Started? Webinar

Are You Ready to Finish What You Started? Webinar
Beth Dumbauld

Did you know that the StraighterLine + WGU partnership offers students:

- A $50 discount on your WGU tuition for each StraighterLine course you transfer, up to $200

- A $65 WGU application fee waiver

- Eligibility to apply for a $2000 scholarship when you transfer 4 or more StraighterLine courses

Your college degree has become more affordable, more flexible, and more relevant now that you can get credit for prior knowledge, take courses on your schedule, and get degree savings with StraighterLine. More and more working adults are reducing their cost of college by taking advantage of the guaranteed credit transfer and money saving partnership between StraighterLine and WGU, and as a result, are avoiding student debt and increasing success.

Finish What You Started Webinar

Earlier this month we presented the Finish What You Started webinar to nearly 200 attendees featuring StraighterLine CEO, Burck Smith and WGU Scholarship Manager, Nick Rothacher.

During the webinar, we discussed:

- The key factors for your student success

- The core components of the StraighterLine + WGU partnership, including credit guarantees, tuition discounts, and competency-based education

- An inside look at two of the most innovative and fast-growing organizations in the world of higher education

- How StraighterLine can help you save up to 38% on your degree at WGU

An Affordable College Degree

We also shared during the webinar why our goal of a truly affordable college degree is relatively simple:

 “College prices have skyrocketed, family finances have deteriorated and a degree is required by ever more employers. StraighterLine’s college savings network was built to solve this.” - Burck Smith

We shared our definition of competency-based education:

"The competency-based education model that WGU pioneered (and that StraighterLine uses as well) measures student success by learning, not seat time, class attendance, or credit hours. A student earns a degree by demonstrating skills and knowledge in required subject areas through a series of carefully designed courses. The advantage to this approach is straightforward—students are rewarded for hard work and prior experience." - StraighterLine

And we shared why WGU was named to the White House’s 2014 list of the most effective postsecondary job training programs in the nation.

“WGU students experienced an average increase in income of $9,000 in the first one to three years after graduation, and an average increase of $18,600 within six years of graduation, significantly higher than the national average. With an average cost of $18,000 for a bachelor’s degree, the return on investment of a WGU degree is 2-3 years." -  Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity

Key Factors to Student Success

Backed by research and student experience, we revealed key factors to the success StraighterLine students are having at WGU:

1 - Competency-based learning measures learning, not time

2 - Study and learn on your schedule, 100% online

3 - Students starting with StraighterLine know in advance how their credits will fit into WGU’s degree pathways

4 - The successful completion of one or more general education courses at StraighterLine is a strong signal that a student will persist to a degree

5 - Guaranteed credit transfer pathways

6 - A student-centric learning approach with mentor support

7 - Tuition discounts and partner benefits

At StraighterLine, we can help you identify what you are trying to achieve with your degree, how you will get it done, and which StraighterLine courses are needed to get you on the path to success.

Here are some of the great things webinar attendees had to say:

"This was really informative. It gave me the confidence that using Straighterline will definitely help with my degree with WGU while saving me money as well. This will be a great step to getting back into school while balancing a busy career. Thank you!" - Meagan S.

"I enjoyed the webinar. I received a lot of information that has motivated me to finish what I started." - Frank H.

"Great! All of the questions I had about Straighterline were answered. Thanks so much!" - Adam S.


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One thought on “Are You Ready to Finish What You Started? Webinar”

  • Charlie warr

    I am planning on taking your courses. I want to get my degree. Yes, I work and I'm a senior citizen,. I want to teach.
    There are not enough minority teachers. I am a school bus
    driver. Our children need more people in these higher positions that look like them.

    Charlie W.

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