Take Control of Your Fall 2021 College Semester Online

Take Control of Your Fall 2021 College Semester Online

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As COVID variants sweep across the country, your daily life may be in flux once again – but you can still take control of your education. If you’ve been thinking about taking your fall semester courses online for health, financial, or scheduling reasons, consider taking your courses with StraighterLine. We can help you find the courses you want to take, learn how to transition into online learning, and assist you in transferring your credits to your chosen college.

Find Courses You’d Like to Take Online this Fall

StraighterLine offers over 60 low-cost, self-paced general education online courses that earn college credits at hundreds of institutions across the country. Our courses represent a wide range of college majors, including Business, English, Math, and Science. If you need help deciding which courses to take, please call us at (877) 787-8375. One of our Enrollment Counselors will work with you to help you set up an online course plan that works perfectly for you and will transfer seamlessly to your target school.

Transition Into Online Classes

Transitioning to an online college class can seem difficult at first, but StraighterLine makes it easy. StraighterLine are immediately accessible--you can begin your courses the same day you enroll as a student. Signing up for classes is easy and affordable: classes start at just $79 with a $99 monthly membership fee. Once you’ve purchased your course, you’ll find the same top-quality content used in accredited institutions across the country. While most StraighterLine courses are self-guided, you may also be able to choose to take a professor-led course if you’d like additional support and explanation from an expert instructor who can offer you additional videos, office hours, and exam study guides. Both options are self-paced, which allows you to control both the duration and overall cost of your course. Regardless of which option you choose, StraighterLine offers all the support you’ll need to be successful. Etextbooks are included with all course purchases, so you’ll never have to pay an additional textbook fee. All students can take advantage of personalized, one-on-one tutoring in all subjects, both on a drop-in and scheduled basis. Have a question not related to course content? StraighterLine’s committed student advisors are available 7 days a week: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-5pm EST via phone and chat to help you with tech issues, billing concerns, questions about degree planning, or credit transfer.

Transfer College Credits to a Partner College

Fortunately, credit transfer is seamless and guaranteed--using StraighterLine’s course equivalency guide will help you know exactly which courses transfer as credit into one of our nearly 150 partner colleges and universities.

Transfer College Credits to Another College

If you don’t see your target school listed on our course equivalency guide, don’t worry--you may still be able to transfer your course. All StraighterLine courses have been evaluated and recommended for ACE CREDIT, which is accepted at accredited colleges and universities across the country. To date, over 2000 colleges have accepted StraighterLine’s courses for credit. We can help you find out if your school will accept it, too!

Working With Your School Transfer Office

If you’ve decided to contact your school about transferring ACE CREDIT, be sure to check out StraighterLine’s easy-to-use Credit Transfer Guide to help you understand how the credit transfer process works for our courses to your school. Also, be sure to check out this useful webinar we recorded about transferring your online courses to your school if you’d like to get more information.

Which Course Could You Start Today?

If you need to complete a course in 4-6 weeks, consider selecting a course that can be done in a quicker time frame. While there is never a guarantee that you’ll be able to complete a course quickly--this depends on many factors, particularly how much time you are able to devote--here is a list of courses that StraighterLine students often complete in a month or less: ANTH101: Cultural Anthropology This course provides a solid introduction for students who are new to the branch of cultural anthropology. This course is commonly taken for humanities and/or social science gen ed credit. USHIST101: United States History I This course focuses on the US prior to 1861. Students learn about European exploration and colonization of the New World and examine the impact on Europe, Africa, and the young United States. MEDTERM101: Medical Terminology A popular course for students planning to pursue a nursing or other health science degree, this course introduces elements of medical terminology, including the etymology of terms. REL101: Introduction to Religion This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of cultural religious phenomena in a global world. This is a popular course for students needing humanities credits. PHIL101: Introduction to Philosophy This course is a critical introduction to the field of philosophical inquiry. It examines the history of Western thought, from the famous Greek philosophers up to cutting-edge intellectuals of today. ENG101: English Composition I Our newly revamped course provides an excellent in-depth approach to various writing genres, it does require students to write a selection of essays including a comprehensive research paper. Due to the amount of writing and qualitative feedback, this course may require some additional time to complete successfully. ENG102: English Composition II Similar to ENG101, this course requires students to write a minimum number of essays. In addition, students must read and write about the novel Frankenstein, which can add some time for successful completion. BUS105: Business Communication A very popular course, BUS105 requires students to use a professional tone to write a selection of business-style documents, all of which are graded by subject-matter experts. In addition, the science lab courses (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics) will often require additional time for completing the experiments and having your lab work graded. For all you students who are feeling stressed about starting your college degree this Fall, please recognize that you have options for affordably and flexibly enrolling in the courses you need for your degree... even if you want to or need to start your degree from the comfort of your home.

You Can be Successful Taking Your Fall Classes Online

While going to college this semester may still seem full of challenges, StraighterLine offers the resources and guidance you need to be successful every step of the way. Lots of things remain uncertain right now, but one thing is for sure: StraighterLine makes it easy to find, afford, and take the courses you need online so that you can transfer your credits and stay on track to complete your degree. Looking for study tips while taking college classes online? Check out this great article: Tips for Effective Online Learning

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