English Composition: Power Up Reports, Presentations, and Emails 

English Composition: Power Up Reports, Presentations, and Emails 
Beth Dumbauld

Looking to land a great job, or a great promotion? Want to enjoy your job and gain more opportunities for success? One of the best things you can do for your career is to work on your communication skills. When you study English Composition, you don’t just learn language rules, you gain confidence and skill in your speaking and writing abilities that will help you throughout your career.

Get Your Point Across

An English Composition class will help you build a strong foundation in written communication, solidifying your ability to use good grammar, vocabulary and writing sense. With the fundamentals in place, you will learn how to communicate effectively: how to make a strong case, how to express your ideas, how to be professional in getting your intended point across.

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How We Speak vs. How We Write

You might be fully comfortable and confident in social situations, but what happens when you sit down to write a report or even a professional email? For most of us, there is a gap between the way we speak, and the way we are expected to write. Even great verbal communicators need to work on their written fluency: the ability to understand and process new information, and to communicate ideas clearly and effectively.

If you want to succeed at work, improving your composition skills will help pave your way. When you feel confident and comfortable with writing, it comes across—not just in the quality of your work, but in the way your colleagues perceive you.

Workplace Jargon to Craft Your Message

When you dive into a new career, what’s one of the first things that happens? Think about your first day at your job, or your first day in class. Almost immediately, you started learning business speak, workplace jargon, acronyms, and concepts that were specific to that new environment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying medicine, politics, business or nutrition: every career field has its own vocabulary. Learn the language, and you will be more successful in your field.

In fact, the more successful you become, the more fluent you will need to be in your business lingo. Need to make a report to the CEO of your company? Know your audience and craft your message accordingly. Applying for a new job? Impress your potential boss by demonstrating your understanding of advanced business concepts.

Ultimately, you will gain confidence in your writing, and the fluency to use your written communication skills as a tool. With confidence and fluency, you have the power to make yourself understood and even to stand out—whether you’re writing a report, making a presentation, or just firing off a quick email.

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