Encouraging Innovation & Protecting Students: Experts on Digital Learning Offer Insights

Beth Dumbauld

Observers of online education recently offered their insight and opinions in a recent article for Inside Higher Ed about how distance education is to be presented in a rewrite of the federal Higher Education Act.

Highlighted in the article was  a quote from Burck Smith, StraighterLine CEO:

“No college or noncollege or new provider who’s hoping to get some kind of [access to federal financial aid] is going to start something or invest in something if it turns out they’re wrong. Institutions are interested but they feel reluctant to try new programs because they’re worried the Department of Education would shut them down after they already started.”

Check out the rest of Mark Lieberman’s post to learn more about how “experts on digital learning hope they resolve longstanding ambiguities and maintain key safeguards” as lawmakers rewrite the Higher Education Act.

Read Original Article at Insider Higher Ed

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