All About MyLine - Your StraighterLine Student Dashboard

All About MyLine - Your StraighterLine Student Dashboard

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At StraighterLine, we’re all about students achieving success. We’re thrilled that our over 60+ online courses enable thousands of students to affordably – and flexibly – start or complete their college degree. And our successful students tell us the innovative and award-nominated MyLine student dashboard is a key part of making all of this possible.


Why MyLine?

Your MyLine student dashboard at StraighterLine is all about convenience and flexibility – our goal is to enable you to easily start or complete your degree on your own terms, and on your own schedule. And just as the term "on-demand" suggests, your MyLine student dashboard is available to you literally 24/7. So whether you're struggling with an algebra formula at 3 a.m., and need someone to help, or you’re ready to transfer your StraighterLine courses – you have access to all the tools you need to succeed through MyLine. Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today!


Enjoy Student Support

While on your MyLine dashboard, you can chat online, give us a call at 877-785-2722, or visit our Help Center.  Our Student Advisors love helping out, and they're able to assist you with everything from logging in to your course to requesting a transcript.

Access Tutors & Get Personalized, On-Demand Help

Your StraighterLine membership comes with 10 free hours of tutoring. MyLine provides you with easy access tutoring, and lets you take advantage of our cool academic support features, including experienced subject-matter experts in a variety of academic disciplines available to provide you with personalized, on-demand help.


Stay on Track With Course Progress

Your MyLine student dashboard provides you with real-time course progress tracking. You can quickly see if you are on pace to meet your personal course completion goals – and your grades.

Pick Up Where You Left off with Resume

With MyLine, you can easily stay on top of your StraighterLine course. Need to take a break? Simply logout. Ready to start again? With our resume function, you can jump right back in where you left off.

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Schedule Proctoring

To schedule proctoring, use your MyLine account to click on your course, and select “Schedule Proctoring” from the list of options. This will direct you to ProctorU where you will complete your profile and schedule examinations.

Transfer Your StraighterLine Courses

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Look for the “Send Transcript” button located on your MyLine profile to transfer your StraighterLine courses. Then, simply fill out the form and proceed through the steps. MyLine really makes it that easy to transfer your StraighterLine courses to any one of our over 100+ partner colleges.


Manage Your Membership

Whether you’re ready to sign up for new courses, retake a previous course, or update your billing preferences, you can access and manage your StraighterLine Membership through your MyLine account.

Other Personalized MyLine Features

Here are a few other fun features on MyLine that you should know about. SL-MyLine-PI-Referral-USER-i1-date

On Myline, you can:

  • Set your Target College - Your target college is the school where you plan on transferring your StraighterLine courses
  • Select your Degree Plan - Identify which StraighterLine low-cost courses are guaranteed to be seamlessly accepted at your target college, and keep track of your course completion progress.
  • Set your Target Transfer Date - This helps keep you on track with your personalized goals.

As you can see, MyLine offers a comprehensive set of support options, personalized features, and course tools, all designed with your success in mind. Whether it's help from a StraighterLine Student Advisor, taking advantage of our tutoring support, or easy transfer of your StraighterLine courses, just know MyLine is your personalized one-stop-shop propelling you on the fast path to a low-cost degree.

Enroll in one of our online courses today and start earning credit for your college degree!

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