Resources for K-12 Education Careers

Choosing a career in K-12 education is stepping into a role that shapes futures and inspires generations. It's about passion, impact, and the joy of fostering growth and knowledge in others. With this page, discover the rewarding career path of teaching and how it can enrich both your life and the lives of your students.


Choosing a career in K-12 education is not just a job; it's a calling that offers a mix of development, fulfillment, and stability. With an anticipated expansion in educational instruction and library occupations, around 857,600 job openings are projected each year through 2032. This increase is fueled by both new employment opportunities and the need to replace professionals retiring or leaving the sector.


Pursuing a career in education comes with numerous rewards that extend beyond the classroom:

Lifelong learning opportunities

Deep community impact

Job stability and benefits

Summer and holiday breaks

Average Starting Salary


2023 Median Annual Salary


Job openings per year 2022-2032

(All data provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Helpful classes for your K-12 education career path.

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