College Majors that Aren’t Worth the Money

worst paying college majors

“8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment,” an article that Dawn Dugan wrote for last week, offers some advice for college students who are trying to pick their majors.

“While there's no doubt that a college degree increases earning power and broadens opportunities,” Dugan writes, “today's high cost of education means it makes sense to more carefully consider which degree you earn. When it comes to return on investment (ROI), not all degrees are considered equal.”

Dugan analyzed the salaries that are earned by students who majored in different fields. Here are the eight majors that generated the lowest payback . . .

  • Sociology – Social workers earn a median salary of $47,121.
  • Fine Arts – Museum research workers earn a median salary of $48,401.
  • Education – High school teachers earn a median salary of $54,473.
  • Religious Studies – Associate pastors earn a median salary of $61,811.
  • Hospitality/Tourism – Meeting and event planners earn a median salary of $55,476.
  • Nutrition – Dieticians earn a median salary of $53,679.
  • Psychology – Career counselors earn a median salary of $43,384.
  • Communications – Marketing coordinators earn a median salary of $50,455.

Which Majors Offer the Best Return for Your Educational Dollar?

Dugan doesn’t answer that question in her article. But you won’t have to look far or do much online searching to find the answer to that question. Most experts today agree that majoring in Business, Health Care, or Technology gives you the best chances of getting hired and earning a good salary.

how to avoid the worst paying college majors

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One thought on “College Majors that Aren’t Worth the Money”

  • Bachelor Degree Colleges

    You may be true about "Worth Money" but isn't it up to students to make the degree worth with good job and/or doing something different either in job market or business?

    Though I agree with you that the cost of education (and health too) is really higher in US but at same time we all care for Quality and yes quality is best.

    Thanks for heads up :)