Top Careers with Supply Chain Management Degree

Top Careers with Supply Chain Management Degree

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If you are interested in a career with excellent job growth and salary prospects, consider earning a degree in Supply Chain Management. According to the U.S Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook, the median salary for Logisticians (or Supply Chain Managers) with a Bachelor's Degree is $70,800 per year. Job growth now through 2022 is projected to be 22%.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Businesses, now more than ever, rely on managers overlooking the supply chain to positively impact their bottom line by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. A career in supply chain is based on two main ideas: 1- Nearly every finished product moves in some way though a series of manufacturers, distributors, and service organizations. This is considered the supply chain. For example, a computer is built from a wide variety of parts. These parts are manufactured by different companies and assembled by separate service providers. The finished product, in this case the computer, will then be distributed yet again, so it can be sold to the end consumer. 2 - The concept of a supply chain has existed for a long time, but organizations often don’t think much about what is happening outside of their own four walls. This can create poor processes between collaborating businesses, resulting in costly and ineffective supply chains. Supply Chain Managers help fix these processes.

What Do Supply Chain Managers Do? What Do They Need to Know?

Managers focus on processes as a whole – from product development, sourcing, and production to the logistics and information systems needed to coordinate these activities. While earning a degree, you will take courses critical to creating a well-functioning supply chain, such as Principles of Business and Marketing, Transportation and Distribution Management, Introduction to Purchasing and Strategic SCM.

How to Get a Degree in Supply Chain Management 100% Online

Many companies prefer to hire individuals with a college degree and a specialty in Supply Chain Management. However, colleges and universities that offer this unique degree are relatively uncommon, particularly if you are looking to earn an associate degree. Fortunately for those interested in earning an online degree, many of Straighterline partner colleges offer a degree in this growing field, including Lipscomb University, Baker College, and Franklin University.

Are You Ready to Get a Supply Chain Degree Plan?

Hiring managers value potential employees with a strong understanding of the supply chain. StraighterLine offers many of the prerequisite courses necessary for your Supply Chain Management degree program. Enroll in a Gen Ed Course at StraighterLine

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