Complete Guide to Taking Online Courses Over Winter Break

Complete Guide to Taking Online Courses Over Winter Break

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If you're like many college students, you might have a break coming up after the holidays. And if you are one of the 31 million American adults with some college credit under your belt but you haven't yet completed your degree, you might be thinking about academic goals as part of your New Year's resolution list. The coming weeks might be the perfect time to think about finishing your degree.

Earn Credits Faster with Winter Online Courses

Most colleges have winter breaks ahead of the spring semester, some students use this time either to catch up on courses they need for their degree program, complete prerequisites, or to accelerate the time to degree completion. If you are hoping to earn your college degree faster or fill gaps in your program's course requirements, taking a StraighterLine course over winter break could be just the solution you've been looking for.

Which Courses to Take Over Winter Break?

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Take a look at our full list of general education courses you can take at StraighterLine and see if a subject meets your degree completion needs--and check off a big to-do item on your list of New Year's resolutions! Or, if you are looking for courses that you can complete on a quicker timetable, you might want to consider one of these courses that students complete faster than average at StraighterLine:

Introduction to Communications

Develop the tools to both improve and analyze the effectiveness of your own and other people’s communications.

United States History I

Explore and gain a better understanding of the civilizations that were here before the European colonists arrived, and you will end in 1877, just after the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Introduction to Religion

Get a comprehensive overview of cultural religious phenomena in a global world.

Personal Wellness

Study the principles of exercise program design, the impact of stress on health and the role of exercise and nutrition in body composition. Plus, you get to use yourself as a guide to determining personal wellness through fitness assessments and health risk questionnaires. Ideal for those looking to get fit and earn academic credit over break!

Principles of Management

Learn what a manager does, and how they are integral to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a modern organization. We offer over 60 self-paced general education courses that can earn college credit at your school. Choose your course and enroll today!

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