Take Summer Classes Your Way with Online Courses

Barry Lenson

Take Summer Classes Your Way with Online Courses

Take Summer Classes OnlineIf you’ll be taking some college courses this summer – maybe to speed up your college studies or help you decide on a college major – you have two ways to do it . . .

Summer Classes the Old-Fashioned Way

If you take courses this way, you’ll be signing up for a lot of inconvenience, discomfort and expense.  You’ll have to spend the summer, or most of it, living near the school where your classes will be held.  You’ll need to rent an apartment or secure a room in a dorm. You better plan for the heat, too, by buying some summer clothes so you can sit in classrooms and lecture halls comfortably. You better figure out the transportation end of things too, since you are going to have to travel to your classes every day. And don’t forget, those classes are going to interfere with your ability to work a job and earn some money during the summer months.

Summer Classes Online

If you take courses online, you are going to have a much easier time of it.  You can study from wherever you will be spending the summer. You won’t need to rent an apartment to be near a campus or keep your car filled with gas so you can travel to class. If you want to work a job over the summer months that won’t be a problem, because you can take your online courses at any time of the day that fits your schedule. And if you want to take a vacation during the warm months, you can do that too. Just take your laptop along with you, and you can keep taking your courses, no matter where you are.

So which approach will you take to getting your summer coursework done? Of course, that decision is up to you. But if we were in your shoes, we know which approach we’d take – the online one. Doesn’t it make more sense to you?

That’s fair, isn’t it? And isn’t it a good thing?

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