How Much Does a StraighterLine Course Cost?

Barry Lenson

How Much Does a StraighterLine Course Cost?

How Much Does a StraighterLine Course Cost?

We get a lot of questions about our online college courses. Today, we are going to answer two of the most common . . .

Q: How much does a StraighterLine course cost?  

Our college courses are very affordable. We have different pricing plans that a student can choose from. The most popular is the College for $99 a Month plan, which is a Monthly Subscription. With the Monthly Subscription, you are billed $99 every 28 days until you complete the online course or courses and cancel the subscription. With the subscription, each online course you add is $39. The number of courses you can add to the subscription is unlimited.

For one payment of $399, a student can also purchase a single college course and have access to it for six months. This payment is made all at once and is for the purchase of one course.

Q: Do I need to buy a college textbook, or does it come with the course?

Textbooks are not included in the price of StraighterLine courses and the purchase of a course textbook is ultimately up to the student. However, buying a textbook can only benefit a student in doing coursework, because most of the practice assignments are found only within the book that is assigned for a course.

StraighterLine is committed to helping students obtain textbooks for the lowest possible prices. The ISBN numbers for all suggested textbooks are provided on our website under the course page for each course. Searching with those ISBN numbers online can help a student locate places to purchase new or used textbooks. We recommend searching on our own textbook provider or any other online store that sells college textbooks.

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