How to Build the Confidence to Return to College: A StraighterLine Success Story

How to Build the Confidence to Return to College: A StraighterLine Success Story

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StraighterLine student Valerie V. studying and highlighting text in book

Valerie V., | StraighterLine Student

Having a semester’s worth of coursework completed before you’ve even enrolled in your college or university sounds pretty good, right?

StraighterLine student Valerie V. did just that. By enrolling in StraighterLine’s online courses, she was able to complete three prerequisites toward her Software Development degree and easily transferred the credits directly to Western Governors University (WGU). She also credits StraighterLine with helping her build the confidence to return to college. Valerie estimates she saved nearly $2,500 on tuition. She completed her StraighterLine courses over a period of four months, spending just $600. Her tuition for the same courses at WGU would have been more than 4x that. But saving money and entering the online classroom ahead of the game are only part of her story. Let’s hear what Valerie told StraighterLine in a recent interview.

What led you to the career path you are on today?

Valerie: My interest in software development piqued after attempting to design an interactive game online. The application I was using required that I use their code script in order to create dialogue, character movement, player choices, etc. After learning the coding language and seeing my creation come to life, I was hooked on the world of programming.

What StraighterLine courses did you take?

Valerie: I took one of the Introduction to Programming courses, English Composition I, and Introduction to Communication.

Would you recommend StraighterLine to others?

Valerie: I absolutely would recommend StraighterLine, and already have to several family members. It’s affordable, offers easily transferable credits, and allows you to go at your own pace.

Do you feel like StraighterLine classes helped prepare you for your future career?

Valerie: StraighterLine definitely prepared me. Prior to taking their courses, I had taken a few years off from school. My major insecurity was whether or not I could be productive or perform well in a classroom setting again. These courses, and the courses required through WGU, helped me feel comfortable again. I was able to gain the confidence to return to college.

What is something other students should know about StraighterLine?

Valerie: While the courses are self-paced, and you’re technically on your own, you’re never alone. They provide numerous resources for all types of learners (visual, auditory, etc.) and there are tutoring services if you need them. My WGU advisor also congratulated me each time I successfully completed a course.

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