I'm already a sophomore because I took my prerequisites with StraighterLine.

Ashley O. - Chamberlain University

Straighterline was undoubtedly an academic and financial life-saver for me. Straighterline gave me the opportunity to knock out many of my general education and lower-level business courses, freeing up time for me to focus more on the more challenging, upper-level courses my home university offers. Since I could focus on one class at a time at my own pace, I finished each course much quicker than if I were to take it at my home university. This semester I am graduating in 3.5 years with two majors, and I could not have done it without Straighterline!

Lauren M. - Oral Roberts University

By taking StraighterLine courses, I was able to accelerate my graduation date and save a lot of money on tuition.

Sharon E. - University of Saint Mary

With StraighterLine, I was able to take my time in completing my college courses. I really appreciated the course flexibility allowed me not to be pressured to finish on someone else's time table."

Nicole W. - Bellevue University

StraighterLine was a great option because I needed to take just a few courses but wanted to complete them on my own time. With StraighterLine, I was able to get accepted into my desired program and get started on my degree within a couple of months instead of waiting a full semester.

Jenn K. - WGU

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