What Do Our eTextbooks Include?

Our eTextbooks contain more than just what you need to learn and memorize for your courses. They’re tools you can use to promote your academic success. Some of the tools built into our eTextbooks include:

Online and offline reading capabilities

Note management: Highlight important passages and add notes to help you study

Sync across all devices: Pick up exactly where you left off on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your important notes, bookmarks, and highlighted passages are transferred across all devices

Copy/Paste features: Create study guides, note cards, or citations
Citation tools: Instant formatting of quotes into MLA/APA style

Citation tools: Instant formatting of quotes into MLA/APA style

Benefits of eTextbooks

Textbooks are an important part of successful learning for many students, and eTextbooks make it even easier to always have the necessary resources at your fingertips. With eTextbooks, you can always work toward your goals. Some of our favorite benefits include:

Always Available

Jump right into the assigned reading materials with just a click from your course. Our eTextbooks and online course format allow you to complete courses — and access course content — on your schedule.


Study anywhere, at home or on the go! No internet? No problem! Download assignments to your smartphone, tablet or computer to save time when you’re without internet access.

Student Friendly

Bookmark, highlight, and add notes to important passages across all devices.

Device Flexibility

Complete assignments on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Your eTextbook has the capability to remember your place and sync between devices so you can continue exactly where you left off.


Take advantage of the text-to-speech option to match your preferred learning style.

Why Do We Provide Them for Free?

At StraighterLine, we are 100% committed to student success. Since textbook usage is a critical factor in student course performance, we wanted to make it even more convenient for students to access their reading assignments and complete their StraighterLine courses.

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