Do You Have What It Takes for a Career in Teaching?

By Beth Dumbauld

Are you considering a career in teaching? If so, earning a degree in education will help you make your mark in a field where what you do matters each day on the job. Whether teaching is your first career or your second act, there are a variety of degree paths you can take to become a teacher. If your passion for teaching revolves around subjects like math or history, or you are invigorated by working with early learners or high schoolers, there is a place for you. It’s a fact – earning your teaching credentials offers you the unique opportunity to pass on what you know best to those who need it most.

What Do You Do with a Degree in Education?

Take a moment and think of 5 non-related people who made a significant impact on your life. Chances are, at least one of them (and possibly more) was a teacher. And, at some point or another, your favorite teachers had to contemplate whether or not to earn their degree in education.

Now imagine if that individual had chosen a different career path. Where would you be? Who or what would have taken his or her place? What would your greater community at large have missed? A simple exercise, perhaps, but it illustrates a crucial point: a great teacher’s influence expands far beyond the classroom walls. A great teacher is important to students, parents, schools, communities, and the common good. As you contemplate a career in education, consider what you have to offer those around you.

Here’s a listing of the most common careers in teaching:

  1. Teacher Assistants
  2. Preschool Teachers
  3. Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School Teachers
  4. High School Teachers

A degree in education can also prepare you for other careers as well. These may include education administration positions like a principal or guidance counseling, coaching, and social work.

If you are an adult learner looking to make a career change, online colleges and universities can open wide the door to teaching. If you need flexibility, or are looking to earn college credits for prior learning or academic degrees already earned, an online program can seamlessly help you transition into the education field. And after you earn your teaching certificate online, and have begun working as teacher, you can return to a quality online teaching program to supplement your education within specialty areas like special education or science, as well as earn additional degrees in education including your master’s or doctorate.

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