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Survey of World History explores the 5,000-year history of human societies, with a focus on the geographic and environmental factors that have shaped civilizations and influenced human development. Upon completing World History, students will be able to demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of how different civilizations were formed and their continued influence around the globe.

Spanning the world’s earliest civilizations in 3500 BCE to modern patterns in world history through 2001, each of the 5 content units includes an interactive timeline to help ground the students in the events for a particular geographical area during a period of time. Students can use this interactive component to explore unit and module topics in the context of those they already studied and are about to encounter.

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • examine the development of first civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, the Americas, Greece, and Rome), and identifies the primary characteristics of these societies, including political, religious, and geographical features.
  • analyze the rise of multicultural empires, the spread of people, ideas, and technologies into new territories, and the escalation of global trade.
  • examine the spread of European power into the rest of the world, the impact of exchange on new territories and people, as well as the impact on Europe.
  • examine industrialization, revolution, and reformation, as well as political and ideological conflicts that arose in the modern period.

Please see the syllabus for a list of course topics.

There are no prerequisites to take Survey of World History.

This course does not require a text.

StraighterLine provides a percentage score and letter grade for each course. A passing percentage is 70% or higher.

If you have chosen a Partner College to award credit for this course, your final grade will be based upon that college's grading scale. Only passing scores will be considered by Partner Colleges for an award of credit.

There are a total of 1000 points in the course.

Topic Assessment % of Total
Topic Test: Concepts of History
3 Topic Test: Early Civilizations 17.5%
4 Topic Test: Multicultural Empires 17.5%
5 Topic Test: Emergence of New World Patterns: 600 CE to 1500 CE 17.5%
6 Topic Test: Patterns in Modern World: 1500 CE to Present
Final Exam

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