4 Compelling Reasons to Study US History

4 Compelling Reasons to Study US History

United States History I is the study of US history prior to 1877. Though taking a history course may seem like you'll be spending most of your time learning dates, it's far more than a timeline. In fact, US History is one of the most fascinating and useful subjects that you can imagine, once you enroll in a college class.

1. Grow your career in a changing workplace

With US History, you’ll gain really interesting insights about how and why society and culture change and evolve over time – and how these changes affect people in the growth of a country and democracy. Better yet, the knowledge you gain has very practical applications in business, teaching and other fields today. That’s why having a degree in history can help you get a position in a company that is looking to grow in a changing world.

The knowledge you gain could help you understand lots of other things too, such as . . . 

2. You can develop skills to improve your decision making. 

The skills you learn by studying history include problem solving and analysis  - and result in an ability to identify cause and effect of past events. These skills are the same ones that you can apply to successfully solve problems that occur on the job and in your daily life. If you have strong problem solving and analytical skills, you can be confident in your ability to use historical data to make smarter decisions in the future.

3. Better understand how your decisions have an impact at work.

We work in a time where it is common for companies to have their own history and culture. If you’re aware of how history is made, you'll better understand how your decisions can affect a project's completion, your group's effectiveness, and the shape of workplace culture. Whether you are a teacher or an executive in a corporate environment, you'll have added insight of how leadership can bring forth change and have an impact  the growth and direction of a company or a group of students.

4. Taking US History I online can help you save on your degree. 

Most college majors require that you complete general education courses like US History I before you can move on in your degree program or graduate. The college course experience and cost savings you gain by studying US History online prepares you for greater success in your degree program, and reduces your cost of college.

The Case for Studying US History

So you see, there are some pretty compelling reasons why taking a course in US History can increase your chances of success at school and on the job.


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