Three Ways to Get Into College without Taking the SAT

Three Ways to Get Into College without Taking the SAT
Barry Lenson

More and more colleges are starting to question the value of the SAT exam. They should. The SAT is unfair. Students who can pay for SAT tutoring enjoy a big advantage on the exam, while students who cannot afford tutors fall behind. Also, more studies are showing that students who earn top SAT scores don’t necessarily perform better when they arrive at college.

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To quote from “Do SAT Scores Really Predict Success?,” a recent article on ABC News, “Most studies find that the correlation between SAT scores and first-year college grades is not overwhelming, and that only 10 percent to 20 percent of the variation in first-year GPA is explained by SAT scores.

No question, the SAT is falling into disfavor. But there’s a good side to that: If you want to get into college without taking the SAT, you have more options today than ever before.  Let’s take a look at three of them.

Option One: Enroll in a StraighterLine Partner College

StraighterLine’s Partner College Program is simplicity itself. You complete courses at StraighterLine, transfer the credits you earn to the StraighterLine Partner College of your choice (they are among America’s top, most cutting-edge online colleges) and begin your studies there.

Did I just say anything about the SAT? No I didn’t, because you don’t have to take the SAT exam before you enroll in a StraighterLine Partner College.

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Option Two: Apply to a College where the SAT Is Not Required

More and more colleges have decided to stop requiring either the SAT or the ACT exam. For a complete list of them, visit  You won’t be surprised to see that Argosy University, Ashford University, Colorado Technical UniversityCapella University, Fisher College, Herzing University, Kendall College, Strayer University, Western Governors University, and other StraighterLine Partner College are on the list of test-optional schools. They should be. After all, they are all forward-thinking institutions that are questioning the value of standardized tests.

Option Three: Take a Your First Year of College Online

StraighterLine’s First Year bundle, allows students to take ten 3 & 4 credit courses and pay only $1,299. That’s one full year of college credit (10 courses) for just under $1,300!

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