StraighterLine Course Profile: College Algebra

StraighterLine Course Profile: College Algebra

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If you need to complete college algebra–but haven’t taken a math class in a while–now’s your chance to learn online with all the support you’ll need, thanks to one of the most popular courses we offer here at StraighterLine…college algebra.

If you want to take this math class, it’s easy. Just visit the course page, enroll, and get started with your College Algebra class today. Plus, you can go at your own pace and tutoring is included for free.

Who is College Algebra for?

College Algebra is often a mandatory college class for students working towards earning an AA, BA or BS degree. This course is designed to fulfill that requirement. Earns 3 credits. College Algebra at StraighterLine is similar to the class offered at colleges and universities across the nation. With StraighterLine’s college algebra, students can go at their own pace, are provided example problems and practice tests online, and are supported by 24/7 tutoring support and our student advisor team. Our course offers an experience that is more convenient, more flexible, and ideal for students juggling a busy schedule or wanting to move through math coursework quickly.

What features can I expect to see in this math course that will help me succeed?

We have a 24/7 available Tutoring Center which provides you access to problem feedback, helpful videos and assignment guides, and an assignment reviewing process that’s both objective and efficient. Timely feedback allows students to complete assignments quickly and at their own pace.

What kind of work and assignments should I expect?

Students can expect assignments that are clear, engaging, and even a little bit of fun (yes, math can be fun)! You’ll examine arithmetic and geometric sequences and learn about linear equations. You’ll also graph linear, quadratic, absolute value, and solve and graph exponential and logarithmic equations. Other topics include solving applications using linear systems as well as evaluating and finding partial sums of a series.

How quickly will I have to complete assignments?

There are no homework deadlines or required hours; students work at their own pace. The course is always available online so you can go as fast as you want, whenever you want.

Any advice for students enrolling in this course?

Get ready to test and improve your problem solving and math skills! This course is a great entry point into college-level math, nursing, and science courses. Make progress at the pace you feel most comfortable, however fast that may be. StraighterLine’s College Algebra course is available for $79 with our $99 monthly membership and can be started the same day you enroll. 

I’ve got a quick tip for you today – if you’re stuck on an algebra problem, chances are you will find the help you need in one of StraighterLine’s algebra videos. There are more than 70 instructive videos in all. Each of them offers step-by-step instructions that will help you solve some of algebra’s thorniest problems. Be sure to check them all out. Here’s just a small sample of the algebra videos you’ll find .

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