Why Study Psychology?

Why Study Psychology?

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By Marty Chester, M.S.Ed. Psychology is a popular subject to study for good reason. First, learning why you and others do what they do is fascinating. Second, learning about psychology can improve your career. As you learn about psychology, you can improve your relationships, including those at work. With benefits like these, a better question might be, why would you not study psychology?

What we can all learn from studying psychology

Whether you earn a degree or not, studying psychology can benefit you and your circle of friends and colleagues. The following list shares the top things you can learn from studying psychology and might convince you to take the plunge to learn more. You can:

  • Understand yourself and others better by learning how humans develop and what things influence and affect behavior.
  • Develop critical thinking skills, like decision-making and problem-solving by understanding the ‘why’ behind behaviors.
  • Become a better communicator by studying emotion, language, and body language, which can help you at any level of your career.

Why should you take a psychology course?

Psychology at the college level is usually considered a general education course, typically applies to any degree, and digs deeper into content than a high school course. For example, StraighterLine’s low-cost, self-paced course easily and affordably fits into your life and will also:

  • appeal to a variety of interests, from business to education and beyond
  • give you practical tools to use on any job or in any career or relationship
  • help you understand yourself and others, as well as society and culture

Which psychology course is best?

StraighterLine’s Introduction to Psychology course gives you a solid foundation for future learning in any major. You’ll discover the relationship between biology and behavior, how stress impacts decision-making, and the fundamentals of research methods. Current hot topics like gender and sex, personality disorders, and the research of Jung and Freud expand your knowledge. Don’t be surprised if you find an interesting topic you want to learn more about and take other courses of interest beyond the intro class. It’s clear how taking a psychology course can help you in many ways. You’ll earn credit toward your degree while you learn skills and tools you can use in your personal and professional relationships. Our psychology course will serve you well in school, your program and ultimately, your career of choice when you learn and understand how people’s minds and motivations work. Interested in taking a psychology course? Try a couple of lessons for free at StraighterLine with our free trial. Sign up today!

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