StraighterLine: The Best Place to Take Your General Education Courses

StraighterLine: The Best Place to Take Your General Education Courses

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By Brittany Hege

Not everyone likes it, but one thing’s for sure, everyone has to endure at least one college semester of it. Avoid twiddling your thumbs in front of your professor and take your required math classes with StraighterLine. In fact, you’ll avoid the professor all together with StraighterLine online. You get to go at your own pace. No professor rambling on about their beloved T-bird and no waiting to be dismissed to get your grilled cheese fix. (Mmmm. Grilled cheese.) Okay, so maybe you don’t mind the professor, but what about that heaping pile of student loans aka the elephant in the room? Luckily, StraighterLine has a solution to that age-old problem. We offer introductory college courses starting at $79 with our $99 per month subscription. I mean come on, that’s pretty darn inexpensive, a fit for most everyone’s budget.

Taking Math Classes Online

So, you could take Calculus I (one of StraighterLine’s most popular courses) for only $79. That’s a whole lot of Functions & Graphs, Limits & Continuity, and Antiderivatives to grasp on the cheap. And if you’re having trouble wrapping your brain around these concepts, StraighterLine offers a a full suite of wraparound services, including 24x7 tutoring, student support available seven days a week, and in-course nudging to help you stay on track. With all these savings, you may be asking yourself, “What the heck am I to do with all this extra cash?” You could buy all the grilled cheeses your heart can take...or put it toward your other daily expenses.

Other Gen-Ed Classes You Can Complete Online

And just in case you’ve already gotten your math credits out of the way, you can sign up for our other general education courses, such General Chemistry I online, Introduction to Psychology, English Composition I, and oodles of other required college courses. The list is pretty comprehensive, so why go anywhere else other than StraighterLine for your learning needs? You don’t even have to brush your hair or get out of your comfy bed. It’s all online! Here’s to earning course credit the affordable way, online with StraighterLine, and not knowing what to do with all that saved pocket money! So tell us, students, what do you plan on doing with all that extra cash? If I were me (and I am), I’d create papier-mache cats out of dollar-dollar bills y’all. But, hey, the decision is all yours.  

About the author . . . . Fresh out of art school and obsessed with digital music, Brittany uses her love of sound to inject her writing with rhythm and just the right amount of rhyme. When she's not tweeting, blogging, or facebooking, she's either at a local concert or playfully poking fun of reality TV stars (and enjoying every second of it).

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