Partner College Spotlight: Northeast College of Health Sciences

Partner College Spotlight: Northeast College of Health Sciences

At StraighterLine our mission is to help students reach their higher education goals faster by making your experience flexible, affordable, and successful. One way we do this is by partnering with colleges and universities like Northeast College of Health Sciences that offer graduate degree programs that match our quality standards and help students earn in-demand degrees.

For more than a century, Northeast College has been known for its adaptable, evidence-based education, graduating well-prepared, in-demand healthcare professionals who reimagine health and transform lives.

About Northeast College of Health Sciences

Northeast College campusNortheast College is located in Seneca Falls, New York in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region. Two of the school’s graduate healthcare programs, its Doctor of Chiropractic and Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (MSACN), are uniquely designed to help students earn accelerated healthcare degrees.

The school offers a unique campus experience for students who enroll in the Doctor of Chiropractic program and an online program for those wishing to earn a Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (MSACN). Both programs accept StraighterLine courses via transfer to help you save money and complete your degree with more flexibility.

Northeast College Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Program

Northeast College of Health Sciences Chiropractic programNortheast College’s Doctor of Chiropractic program is designed to help students earn a chiropractic degree in just 10 trimesters (three years and four months). Students train to become professional chiropractic practitioners, and pass board exams in both the U.S. and Canada.

By partnering with StraighterLine, the school makes it convenient for students to fulfill the program’s undergraduate admissions requirement (90 credit hours), including its life and physical science (24 credit hours) and laboratory (at least of these courses will have a substantive laboratory component) prerequisites This is particularly advantageous to students who may already have an undergraduate degree but need to take science and/or lab courses prior to applying.

Northeast College is strongly committed to clinical and experiential learning. Students receive multidisciplinary, hands-on opportunities in diverse settings of care to grow the quality and continuity of care for the patient. Beginning in the second trimester, students begin working with student patients.

Remote clerkships are offered through affiliations with select institutions and facilities, providing opportunities for students to spend four to 12 months training at a remote location under a supervising doctor of chiropractic who, as an adjunct clinical faculty member, oversees student activities and mentors development. Preceptorships are offered to eligible students at private, field-based offices in the United States by giving students realistic portrayal of the demands, responsibilities, and benefits of chiropractic practice by evaluating, examining, and treating patients. Professional clinical observations are available during the four final weeks of the 10th trimester and offer concentrated exposure to the various aspects of a field-based practice, also providing a realistic portrayal of the demands, responsibilities, and benefits of chiropractic practice.

Northeast graduates are deeply dedicated and expertly skilled and prepared to provide competent primary and collaborative healthcare in a wide variety of career settings, including private practice and associate positions; working in hospitals, healthcare, universities, and multidisciplinary settings; and professional affiliations with sports teams of all levels.

To learn more, interested students should visit Northeast College’s Doctor of Chiropractic Program.

Northeast College Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (MSACN)

Nutritionist is consulting on healthy eating with fruits and vegetablesNortheast College’s Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition is built on the foundation using whole food nutrition as a primary means of reaching and maintaining optimal health and form. The program was created to meet the needs of busy professionals. Its online format supports flexible learning, allowing you to continue working while earning your degree. Through this program, you can earn a master’s in as little as 16 months.

One way Northeast helps you get through your degree program quickly is by accepting credit transfer of StraighterLine courses for undergraduate admissions requirements. Additionally, the following StraighterLine courses help satisfy the MSACN (9 credit) bioscience requirement:

The MSCAN program educates highly qualified nutrition professionals, emphasizing a science-based, whole food approach to prevention of disease, the achievement of optimal performance, and the maintenance of health. The program includes electives in sports, behavioral nutrition, and clinical practice.

MSACN graduates are prepared for careers in private practice, public health, practice in chiropractic and other outpatient health centers, fitness facilities, food programs, community centers and more. Some students combine the MSACN degree with other healthcare credentials to provide patients with multidisciplinary care. The program meets the didactic requirements to sit for several important national certification exams including Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN).

To learn more, interested students should visit Northeast College’s Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

StraighterLine offers over 60 self-paced general education and health science courses that meet undergraduate requirements for programs at Northeast Colleges of Health Sciences. View our course equivalency guide and enroll today!

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