New Course Profile: English Composition 1

New Course Profile: English Composition 1

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StraighterLine is pleased to announce the addition of our new English Composition 1 course, designed to help you more easily master your writing skills. StraighterLine’s newly redesigned English Comp course is available for $79 with our $99 monthly membership and can be started the same day you enroll.

What’s Included in our Online New English Comp 1 Course?

In this Q&A with our college course design team you will learn about what to expect in this new course.

Who is English Composition 1 for? What are the benefits for students?

English 101 is a mandatory college requirement for 99.99% of students looking to earn an AA, BA or BS degree. This course is designed to fulfill that requirement. English 101 introduces students to the art and structure of writing, including knowing the who, the why, and the how of writing. Earns 3 credits.

Why did StraighterLine choose to redesign this course?

We redesigned English Comp to provide students with the best, most up-to-date curriculum and user experience. This course meets and exceeds the current best practices as put forth by the leading body of higher ed experts within the field of writing instruction. Also, it’s easy to move through online!

How does this new course differ from other online English composition courses?

The requirements to complete English Composition I at StraighterLine is similar to the same course offered at colleges and universities across the nation, however students can go at their own pace, are guided by the most up-to-date content,  are supported by a 24x7 Writing Center and student advisor team, and evaluated by StraighterLine’s team of faculty evaluators. Our course offers an experience that is more convenient, more flexible, and more suited to students juggling a busy schedule or wanting to move through coursework quickly.

What are some of the new features I can expect to see in this course that will help me find success?

We have a 24/7 available Writing Center which provides you access to draft feedback, helpful videos and assignment guides, and an evaluation process that’s both objective and efficient. Timely feedback allows students to complete assignments quickly and at their own pace.

What kind of work and assignments should I expect?

Students can expect assignments that are thought-provoking, engaging, and even a little bit of fun! You’ll write about yourself, learn about and participate in the editing process, you’ll write to persuade someone to see your side, you’ll compare and contrast competing points of view, and for each, you’ll do some research–an essential skill for all college students and professionals.

How often will I have to submit my work?

There are no homework deadlines or required time periods; students work at their own pace. The course is always available online! If you’re looking to complete the course in a “typical” semester time frame, we recommend submitting at least one required essay every 3 weeks, but your schedule is completely up to you!

What kind of assignment feedback can I expect?

Students can expect feedback that gives them room to grow, no matter how well they do on an assignment. Each assignment gives students the option for a second submission where they can put that feedback to use in redrafting and resubmitting.

How will I be assessed?

Each assignment is assessed on a rubric of requirements. An evaluator will review  each paper, provide feedback, and mark requirement criteria during their review of submitted work. Each rubric assessment calculates a score automatically.

How many topics will I study?

This course has 4 topics: personal narrative, persuasive writing, compare/contrast essay, and argumentative essay. Writing assignments for each will be provided with guidance on how students can research and draft their essays for submission.

Any advice for students enrolling in this course?

Get ready to test and improve your writing skills! This course is a great entry point into college-level writing. Make progress at the pace you feel most comfortable, however fast that may be.  

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