3 Reasons Taking Introductory Algebra Will Help You Succeed

3 Reasons Taking Introductory Algebra Will Help You Succeed

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By Marty Chester, M.S.Ed. Many students have some fear of math, and are nervous about passing college algebra, so why is it so often required? The answer is simple. Understanding algebra reinforces logical thinking, and can be helpful in many careers, as well as in life. However, taking introductory algebra can help you find prepare for, and find success in, your required college algebra courses. Plus, algebra uses streamlined logic to reach mathematical conclusions, a skill when applied to other facets of life can be a game-changer. How? Read more…

1 - Develop Strong Logic Skills

According to StudyGate, algebra introduces valuable life skills and “new ideas they never considered.” Math -- and algebra in particular -- helps students see the world in a new, patterned way and exercises the logical side of the mind. Beyond critical thinking, algebra is useful in several career paths (outside of math!). For example, marketers, economists, and financiers use this type of logic daily, as do doctors, pharmacists, scientists, and engineers. Those in these fields argue that algebra is beautiful, and the logic learned here goes beyond numbers.

2 - Perform Better at School & On the Job

Keeping an open mind about taking introductory and college algebra courses will help you reap benefits beyond just meeting academic prerequisites. Pushing through your algebra courses show you’re willing to work hard to achieve your goals and open doors you didn’t realize you wanted to walk through.

  • Algebra helps you think logically, and math isn’t the only place you need to use logic. Developing this skill will help you solve complex problems, see things others don’t, and present solutions that work.
  • Technology relies on algebra. Everything from the internet, mobile technology, and entertainment services rely on algebra and logical thought to function. If you’re interested in tech, understanding algebra is the foundation for a degree in technology.
  • Overcoming your fear of math is a worthwhile achievement and can open other fields. Working through a roadblock early in your college career can open doors to lucrative and rewarding majors in the sciences, environmental arenas, medical careers, and even business analytics.

3 - Save Money on College

College algebra has been listed as the number one “most failed” college course, which should tell you what you need to know about preparing properly to pass this course. To pass college algebra in one attempt, you’ll need to focus and get help if you need it. Taking an introductory algebra course first will help you prepare for success and build your confidence prior to enrolling in college algebra. Keep in mind, failing or withdrawing from college algebra will cost both time and money, so make plans to take introductory algebra first so you can learn how to be successful in algebra – and know you have what it takes to pass your required college algebra course the first time around. Check out StraighterLine’s introductory algebra course now. This affordable, self-paced course may be just what you need to start off strong in college math!

 The Benefits of Studying Algebra for College

There are clear benefits to studying math in college. Not only is algebra the starting point for many degrees in mathematics, science, algebra also plays a role in engineering, business, and anything requiring a logical mind and thought process. College prep courses ready you for your next academic step while preparing you for life success at the same time, a one-two punch you can’t afford to ignore. Looking for college math courses you can take at your own pace? Sign up for our free trial today and start your journey! (No credit card required)

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