How to Improve Your Writing Skills before Going Back to College

How to Improve Your Writing Skills before Going Back to College
Barry Lenson

If you’re thinking of going back to college but you hate to write term papers and essays, you are not alone. Many other people share concerns like these . . .

  • You found writing hard when you were in high school and think that college writing will be even harder.
  • You suffer from writers block and getting started on any writing project is agonizing.
  • You feel embarrassed because other people seem to find writing easy, and you don’t.

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Try these Strategies to Become a More Confident Writer

Read one of the following books about writing. We’ve picked them because they are all encouraging, practical, and fun . . .

  • The Transition to College Writing by Keith Hjortshoj doesn’t focus on basic writing skills, but on specific challenges of college writing, like how to understand and deliver what professors are really looking for when they assign term papers.
  • Writing Essays for Dummies by Mary Page and Carrie Winstanley and English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods both deliver sound advice on writing better. They have the kind of fun, easy-to-digest approach that you expect in books in the Dummies series.
  • 105 Ways to Beat Writer's Block by Justin Arnold delivers what it promises. This book is a great choice if you procrastinate or stall about starting written assignments.

Find writing help online. Here are three excellent options . . .

  • Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers a large selection of excellent exercises that build writing skills. It’s free and open to everyone.
  • The Academic Writing Skills group on Facebook is an online community where students ask questions and share tips about the writing challenges they are facing in college. (Log into Facebook and search for “Academic Writing Skills” to find it.)
  • offers practical advice and encouragement for student writers, professional writers . . . writers of all kinds.

Take online courses to refresh or improve your writing skills. StraighterLine offers some great options . . .

Fear Writing No More!

We’ve selected today’s resources because they take the fear out of writing, help you build writing skills, and build writing success in college. So get online, get going, and start becoming a better writer today.

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